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A British Citizen has the right to permanently live and work in the UK without being subject to the Immigration Rules. This is otherwise known as Right of Abode. Depending on your current immigration status or nationality, you may be able to apply for British Citizenship. This will be different if you are married to a British Citizen or hold Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). The process is either Naturalization or Registration.

Whether you apply for British Citizenship through either of these processes, you will still receive the same result. Individuals granted British Citizenship are afforded the same rights as those born in the UK have access to. Once you are a British Citizen, you are able to live, work, travel, vote, receive public funds and raise children in the UK. The process will vary depending on your immigration status at the time of applying.

How can IAS help?

Our experienced immigration lawyers can help you apply for British Citizenship. Your personal adviser will ensure you are eligible before gathering your evidence into a portfolio. They will complete your application forms in full and provide a Letter of Representation. This letter is submitted with your application and provides references to relevant UK case law to support your case. Your lawyer will also advise you on when and how to book your Life in the UK test – and English Language test if required. Contact IAS on +1844 290 6312 today or make an inquiry online to begin your application for British Citizenship.


How do I apply for British Citizenship?

To apply for British Citizenship, there are many requirements you will need to fulfill. What follows are a few things to think about before your application for Naturalization:

Immigration Time Restrictions – to apply you will need to have no immigration time restrictions on your leave. This usually means applying for British Citizenship after you have received settled status.

Good Character Requirement – all applicants over 10 years of age will need to prove their good character. This means that you must show respect for the rights and freedoms of the UK, that you will follow the laws and have fulfilled your duties as a resident. The Home Office will assess this through criminal and financial record checks.

Sound Mind Requirement – applicants must be of full capacity when they apply (although in some cases this may be overlooked). You will need to show you are able to make your own decisions and understand the application you are making when you apply for British Citizenship.

Dual Nationality – Many countries will allow you to hold Dual Nationality when you apply for British Citizenship. If your country does not, they may not recognize your new citizenship or take away your previous nationality. If you are a British Citizen, you will not normally need to renounce your British Citizenship unless the country you have moved to requires it.

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What is British Naturalization?

Naturalization is the process undergone when you become the citizen of another country. For people coming to the UK, British Naturalization will allow them to regulate their immigration status and live and work freely in the UK. Unless you are British by descent, you will have to go through the Naturalization process. There are a number of requirements you must meet to be eligible to apply for British Naturalization. You must:

  • Be 18 years old or over;
  • Be of sound mind and good character;
  • Intend to continue living in the country;
  • Have evidence of your knowledge of Life in the UK;
  • Be able to adequately speak English, Welsh or Scottish Gaelic; and
  • Meet the continuous residence requirement of five years (or three for spouses/civil partners of a British Citizen).

If you are a national of a country in the European Economic Area (EEA), you will have to prove that you have been exercising your Treaty rights in the UK for at least five years before applying for EEA Permanent Residence. You must then hold this for at least a year before applying for Naturalization.

How to gain British Citizenship when I am an EEA citizen?

For nationals of an EEA member state, you will usually be required to have spent five years in the UK before you can begin the citizenship process.

You will be able to apply for EEA Permanent Residence once you have lived in the UK for five years. This includes no breaches of more than 90 days outside the UK within any 12-month period. Once you have received this, you will need to hold it for a year before applying for British Citizenship. You will also have to meet the other requirements, such as:

  • the English Language test; and
  • having no more than 450 days out of the country for the 5-year period.

There are additional requirements for EEA nationals when applying for British Citizenship. Speaking with an experienced immigration adviser is highly recommended. There are also different requirements for the spouse or civil partner of a British citizen. Get in touch today to discuss your circumstances and options.

Will my child get British Citizenship?

A child is entitled to British Citizenship by birth if he/she was born in the UK to at least one British parent. If this is the case, they do not need to register as a British citizen.

The most common route for children under 18 to apply for British Citizenship is through registering as a British citizen. If you are British and your child was born outside of the UK, they will need to be registered to receive the same rights as British citizens.

There are a number of examples where you may be able to register as a British Citizen instead of naturalizing. Some of the categories included are for:

  • British Overseas or Overseas Territory Citizens
  • If you have previously renounce your citizenship
  • Stateless people
  • Children under 18 (this includes children in the UK on a Dependent Child Visa)

Each category has varying requirements to be met.

What does British Citizenship entitle me to?

British Citizenship will mean that you are no longer subject to the Immigration Rules and can travel as a British Citizen. Once you have been granted citizenship, you will be able to apply for a British passport.

This is the most common form of identification for UK citizens. You may also be able to apply for a Nationality Status Document if you do not have the necessary documents for a passport.

Applications for British Citizenship can be extensive and complex. Seeking advice from an experienced UK immigration lawyer is highly recommended to ensure the best chance of success.

Find out more about applying for a British passport.

I have previous convictions/ offenses, will this affect my citizenship status?

Previous convictions are likely to affect your British Citizenship application. The seriousness will depend on the type of conviction or offense.

In this situation, it is advisable that you seek the help of a professional immigration expert. One of our lawyers will be able to discuss with you how any convictions may affect your application for British Citizenship.

Can I get British citizenship from grandparents?

There are some circumstances in which you can get British citizenship by descent from a grandparent. This is more commonly called British citizenship by double descent.

Whether you are eligible for this varies depending on several different factors, including where and when your British grandparent was born and what gender they were/are.

What services does IAS offer?

IAS has experience advising and assisting clients when they apply for British Citizenship.

Your dedicated lawyer will:

  • Check your documents to ensure that they are sufficient;
  • Assess your eligibility for the application from British Citizenship;
  • Maintain contact with the Home Office throughout the process;
  • Write a Letter of Representation to accompany your application;
  • Complete every part of your application form(s) to a professional standard;
  • Advise you on preparing and taking your ‘Life in the UK test’;
  • Advise you on taking the IELTS test if you are from a non-English speaking country.

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