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British Passport Application Process

British Passport Application Process

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If you have undergone British Naturalization, you will then be able to apply for a British passport. A British passport is one of the most conventional ways to prove your status as a resident once you have naturalized.

This is a travel document which will allow you to travel in and out of the country without being subject to immigration controls. You can also use it as proof of identity in most conventional circumstances, as well as when applying for benefits and services. This will also prove your right to work and right to rent in the UK.

How can IAS help?

At IAS, your personal immigration lawyer will help you to apply for a British passport. Our services will ensure a smooth process for your British passport application. Your lawyer will check if you are eligible for a premium service and ensure you are able to receive a UK passport. We will also assess the eligibility of any dependent children and assist with their applications if necessary.

Our services include a personalized Letter of Representation to submit with your application. Get in touch on +1844 290 6312 today or make an inquiry online to begin the process of your British passport application.

British Citizenship by Birth
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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have been through the naturalization process to be eligible for a British passport. You will need to provide your Certificate of Naturalization if you are not British by birth or descent.

Once your passport has been granted, it will be valid for 10 years but can be withdrawn or suspended at any time as they are the property of the British government. You may have your passport confiscated and you may be unable to reapply if you:

  • Are a suspect in a serious crime and there is a warrant for your arrest;
  • Have been prevented from having a UK passport or have your travel restricted by a court order;
  • Have been brought back to the UK at the government’s expense and have not repaid what you owe;
  • Have a European Union or United Nations order that restricts your travel.

Read more about the Naturalization process.

As long as your child is a British Citizen, they will be able to begin the British passport application process. Once issued, a child’s passport will last for five years before needing renewed. Both parents or guardians must sign the application before it is submitted. If you cannot provide both parents’ details, you must include a letter explaining why this is.

This could be a necessity if, for example, you are the only parent on the birth certificate or have adopted the child as a single parent. If your child is not a British citizen, our immigration experts can advise you on their eligibility and options. Make an inquiry using our online form for more information.

Before you apply for your British passport, you will need to gather some essential documents for your first British passport. As a naturalized citizen, you will need your Naturalisation Certificate and the passport that you used to come to the UK as a foreign national. You cannot send photocopies and only original travel documents will be accepted, so it is best not to book any travel until you have received your British passport.

In addition to your original travel documents, you will also need to send two identical photos which will need to be countersigned by a person of good standing in their community. If you are applying from within the UK, the counter-signatory will need to live in the UK and hold a British passport.

They will be required to sign your application and photograph to confirm that they have known you for more than two years, that the photo is a likeness of you and that, as far as they are aware, the information you have provided is correct.

Before you apply for a British passport, you will need some essential documents to accompany it. As a naturalized citizen, you will need your Certificate of Naturalization and your previous passport. Only original documents will be accepted, so you will not be able to apply using photocopies or scans. It is advised to not travel during your British passport application.

In addition to your original documents, you will need to send two identical passport sized photographs. These must be countersigned by a person of good standing in their community. If you will be applying from within the country, the person will need to be a British Citizen who holds a British passport. You will need their signature and confirmation that:

  • They have known you for more than two years;
  • The photo is a likeness of you; and
  • As far as they are aware, the information you have provided is correct.

Your sponsor may be contacted by HM Passport Office to confirm this. This can delay the process if they are unreachable for any reason.

As this will be your first adult British passport, the application process may take longer. Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) will need to undertake more checks on your application to ensure you are eligible and genuine.

A typical passport application will take at least six weeks. It is advised that you do not arrange to travel before a decision is made. This is because you need to send your original travel documents at the same time as applying for a British passport.

The legal team at IAS understands the importance of gaining your passport and having the freedom and peace of mind that comes with it.

We can help you through this often long and complex process with support and guidance.

Your lawyer will assist you with:

  • Confirming your documents are sufficient and well-organized before submission;
  • Liaising with the Home Office during your application, should they require more information;
  • Writing a Letter of Representation. This is an in-depth document which references your evidence and cites supporting UK immigration laws;
  • Ensuring every part of your British passport application forms are completed professionally.

Contact us on +1844 290 6312 or make an inquiry to speak with a lawyer today for help to apply for a British passport.