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Short Stay 'C' Visas Ireland

Visa-required nationals who are looking to visit Ireland for a period of fewer than 90 days will need to apply for a Short Stay ‘C’ visa in order to enter Ireland.

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    What are Short Stay 'C' Visas?

    Visa-required nationals seeking entry into Ireland on a short-term basis may apply using a type of Irish visa known as the Short Stay ‘C’ Visa. This visa grants its holder the opportunity to make their way to the country for a maximum of 90 days.

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    When do you need a Short Stay Visa?

    While citizens of various countries in the European Union, Switzerland, and others might not be compelled to make visa arrangements to gain entry into Ireland, U.S. citizens will need to apply for an Irish visa if they are entering Ireland for longer than 90 days or for purposes other than tourism or business.

    Short Stay ‘C’ Visas for U.S. citizens come in different categories depending on the applicant’s intended purpose.

    Irish visa application fee

    The various categories of Short Stay 'C' Visas

    There are various categories of Irish visas available to visitors. These include the following:

    Business Visa

    Business Visas are designed for those traveling as part of or concerning their work. This Irish visa will make it possible for you to come into the country for up to 14 days to participate in meetings, make negotiations, and finalize deals or contracts.

    Tourist Visa

    The Tourist Visa is designed to serve those wishing to journey into Ireland as a tourist for a maximum of 90 days. Applicants may also include those wishing to undertake short-term studies such as language courses.

    Event and Conference Visa

    This visa will allow you to make your way into Ireland to participate in events or conferences that may span a range of themes, including academics or business.

    Family and Friends Visa

    This visa allows visitors with the opportunity to make their way into the country for a maximum of 90 days to visit with family or friends who are residents or citizens of Ireland.

    Marriage Visa

    After receiving an acknowledgment from the National Registrar confirming the date upon which you received a notification receipt regarding your plan to marry or form a civil partnership with an Irish citizen, you will have the opportunity to apply for a marriage visa.

    Internship Visa

    Should you be in a position where you are required to undertake an internship in Ireland as part of your studies or professional training, you will be able to take your application for an internship visa.

    Tournament/Performance Short Visa

    The Performance or Tournament Visa allows visitors from the U.S. to make their way to the country for a maximum of 90 days to put on theatrical and musical performances or participate in competitive tournaments such as athletic or sporting events.

    Medical Treatment Visa

    The Medical Treatment Visa allows the visa holder to access medical services such as surgeries at private medical facilities in Ireland. This visa, however, will only be issued under certain conditions.

    Training Visa

    U.S. citizens hoping to attend training courses in Ireland will need to apply for the Training visa. This Irish visa, however, has specific restrictions or requirements placed on it. Essentially, this Irish visa must be paid for and arranged by the organization or company that employs you.

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      Visas for Americans traveling with European Union citizens

      U.S. citizens hoping to visit Ireland in the company of family members or nationals from the European Union (including the EEA and Switzerland) may qualify for the following visas:

      Exam Visa

      This visa allows applicants to journey into Ireland to take an exam necessary for their educational or professional progression. It’s important to note that your 90-day visa application may be denied should your exam be deemed unnecessary by immigration officials.

      Employment (Atypical Working Scheme) Visa

      This visa allows applicants to take up short-term employment within Ireland as long as they receive approval from the Atypical Working Scheme Division.

      Join Ship Visa

      The Join Ship visa is designed to serve applicants hoping to come into the country and join a ship departing from Ireland ports as a seafarer.

      Internship Visa

      The Internship Visa is available for applicants that wish to come to Ireland to take up an internship as part of their studies.

      Eligibility requirements for the Irish Short Stay 'C' Visa

      You will need to fulfill certain specific requirements to become eligible for whichever type of Short Stay Visa you intend to apply for. Still, several requirements will be universally applicable. These are the points that will be considered by immigration officials no matter what class of application applies to your particular circumstances, and they are as follows:

      • Proof that you intend to journey onward from the country
      • Evidence that you intend to leave the country within the 90-day window
      • Proof that the visa applicant has access to enough funds to sustain their stay within the country and won’t have to rely on Ireland’s public welfare services
      • Any evidence that can ensure that you will not break out of the CTA (Common Travel Area) by trying to gain access to the United Kingdom through Ireland without possessing a valid UK visa
      • Any evidence that demonstrates that your immigration record is clean and free of any severe infringements of either UK or Irish immigration laws
      • Any evidence which shows that your record does not indicate a history of any serious criminal incidents

      Should it be discovered that you tried in some way to mislead Irish immigration authorities by submitting false or misleading information, your application may be summarily declined with the possibility of further legal ramifications. Under such circumstances, you might find yourself banned from making future Irish visa applications until five years have elapsed.

      Required documentation for the Irish Short Stay 'C' Visa

      While there might be minor variations depending on the type of visa you’re applying for, you can expect to need the following documents in almost every case:

      • Copy of your online application sheet
      • Application letter stating your reasons for wanting to enter the country
      • Passport and photocopy of every page from passports you used in the past where possible
      • A set of signed color photos of yourself (passport-sized) with your VATN (Visa Application Tracking Number) indicated upon them
      • Your accommodation details for the duration of your stay
      • Your financial arrangements for the duration of your stay
      • Evidence that you intend to return to the U.S. after you visit Ireland

      These documents need to be originals except where expressly indicated, and any official documents must be under official headed papers. Certified translations with both the original documents must be provided, for documents originally in languages other than English or Irish.

      own personal bank statement

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        When to expect a reply on your visa application

        The amount of time it takes to receive a decision regarding your Irish visa application will vary slightly from one case to the next. While the waiting time for each case will vary depending on what type of Irish visa you apply for or which application office you use, you can avoid any unnecessary delay by ensuring all your documentation is in proper order.

        The DJE (Department for Justice and Equity) states that applicants should expect a response no more than eight weeks after your application, after which all your documentation will be posted back to you or returned through alternative means of your choosing.

        Approved applications will come back stamped, while declined applications will be accompanied by a refusal letter detailing the reasons for the negative response.

        What you should do once you get to Ireland

        Your first action upon reaching the country will be to present yourself to an Immigration officer with your Irish visa, passport, and all relevant documentation. After examination of these, they may then give you official entry permission.

        It’s important to understand that a valid Irish visa doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be allowed to enter the country. Immigration officials might still deny you access even though you are allowed to get to the country freely.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  While you might incur additional expenses (consular fees, for example), the typical charges for Short Stay ‘C’ Visas are 60 Euros for a single-entry visa and 100 Euros for a multiple-entry visa.

                  Some Short Stay ‘C’ Visas types allow visitors to engage in a certain amount of work, but not all. These include the Employment Visa, Business Visa, Join Ship Visa, Training Visa, Performance or Tournament Visa, and Internship Visa. In all other instances, working is not permitted for those holding this type of visa.

                  Only under the most extreme and unforeseen circumstances might you be allowed to extend your Short Stay ‘C’ Visa. Should you find yourself needing a time extension, you will be required to apply for an additional separate Irish visa.