If you would like to join your spouse or partner who currently holds British Citizenship or settled status, there are a number of ways to do this. The Home Office offers Spouse Visas, Partner Visas, Fiancé Visas or Unmarried Partner Visas. The Spouse or Partner Visa will allow you to stay in the UK for an initial 30-33 months before you can apply for a Spouse Visa UK extension of a further 30 months. You will need to show that you continue to meet the requirements throughout your time in the UK.

The UK Spouse Visa allows those granted to work and live freely in the UK and is less limited than some other UK routes, such as work visas. This means that the requirements for this type of visa are notoriously strict and require a great deal of evidence to prove your eligibility.

The UK Spouse Visa requirements include a minimum income threshold for your British-based partner, proof of acceptable housing and evidence your relationship is genuine. These requirements are stricter for the Unmarried Partner Visa but even with a valid marriage license, it can be difficult to apply for a Spouse Visa UK.

How can IAS help?

The lawyers at IAS have a wealth of experience in Marriage Visa UK applications. We understand the common pitfalls that lead the Home Office to refuse UK Spouse Visas. Our services ensure that your application forms are completed to a professional standard so that they are easily understood by the Home Office.

We will spend time with you to ensure that you meet every requirement before you apply for a Spouse Visa UK. Your lawyer will also produce a Letter of Representation for your application. This is personal to your case and cites relevant UK immigration law to support you. Call us on+1844 290 6312  or make an inquiry online before you apply for a Spouse Visa UK.


Can I apply for a Spouse Visa UK?

The Spouse Visa requirements include:

  • You and your partner must both be over 18;
  • Your marriage must be recognized by the UK government;
  • You must prove that you will live together;
  • Your application must include proof of suitable accommodation;
  • You will need to meet the financial requirements, which increases with any dependent children;
  • You must prove that you meet the English Language standard if you are not from an English-speaking country.

Can I switch to a Spouse Visa?

If you are already in the UK on a different visa type, you may be able to apply for a Spouse Visa UK to remain in the country. You will not be allowed to switch if you are in the country as a visitor or if permission was given to stay for less than six months. This does not apply if you are in the UK on a Fiancé Visa.

You will also not be allowed to apply for a Spouse Visa UK if you are in breach of the Immigration Rules (i.e. your previous leave has expired).

What happens if my relationship ends on a Spouse Visa?

If you and your partner go through a divorce, it is important to let the Home Office know as soon as possible.

Once you have informed them, they will issue a Spouse Visa curtailment. There may be options open to you to switch to a different visa category and remain in the UK but it is important to act fast.

If you are found to have separated from your partner without informing the Home Office, you could face serious consequences or be issued a deportation order. This will affect all future UK visa applications.

More information on what to do after a Spouse Visa curtailment.

What happens if I have my Spouse Visa refused?

If you have had your Spouse Visa refused, you will need to act quickly to appeal the decision or apply for another visa.

If you are already in the UK this will be important as overstaying on an expired visa is a serious issue.

How long does the UK Spouse Visa application take?

How long it will take to apply for a Spouse Visa UK will depend on where you are applying from. Applications from within the UK using the Premium Service could take as little as two weeks.

You may not always be able to apply for a Spouse Visa UK from within the UK depending on the visa category that you are initially in the country on. The Premium Service may also be available in your home country but this will only put your application to the front of the queue. This may mean that it takes longer than two weeks.

Your application could take as long as 12 weeks if extra checks are needed and your Spouse Visa processing time will depend on the country you are applying from.

What is the minimum income requirement to apply for a Spouse Visa UK?

The UK Spouse Visa has a very strict financial requirement for applicants. Your UK-based partner must make at least £18,600 per year to be eligible to sponsor you. This increases with each dependent on your application.

If you are applying from outside the UK, your income may not be considered in the application.

The Home Office currently considers all forms of income. If you do not meet this threshold, it is important to speak with an immigration lawyer about your options using other income.

Read more about the Spouse Visa financial requirements.

Can I settle in the UK on a Spouse Visa?

Once you are have held a UK Spouse Visa for five years, you should be eligible to apply for ILR from a Spouse Visa. Holding ILR will mean that you are no longer subject to the Immigration Rules. This will mean that you can enjoy more freedom in regards to travel and access to health care in the UK.

Should I apply for a Fiancé Visa UK?

The Fiancé Visa UK can be used to enter the country if you intend to get married and remain in the UK.

This visa will be granted for an initial six months. Once you are married, you will be expected to switch to the UK Marriage Visa. If you are not married during this time, there are very limited circumstances which the Home Office will consider to allow an extension.

Your Spouse Visa will be granted for an initial 30-33 months and can be extended for a further 30 months. Once you have spent five years in the UK, you should be eligible for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).

Can I work on a Spouse Visa?

You will have the right to work on a Spouse Visa. You will not need to be sponsored by your employer and there will be no minimum salary requirement for any job you apply for.

You are not eligible to work on a Fiancé Visa so you must be able to support yourself in the UK until you can apply for a Spouse Visa UK and gain the right to work.

What services does IAS offer?

At IAS, we understand the importance of applying for a UK Spouse Visa.

Our team of lawyers are specialists in private immigration matters and have an excellent track record. Using our services will give you the best chances of success for a Spouse Visa UK.

Our services include:

  • Liaising with you in person, over the phone or via Skype;
  • Determining the right partner visa for you;
  • Checking your documents thoroughly to ensure they are sufficient;
  • Confirming you have proof of your genuine relationship;
  • Producing a Letter of Representation for your application;
  • Managing contact with the Home Office until they make a decision;
  • Completing all application forms professionally and to a high standard.

Contact us on +1844 290 6312 or make an inquiry online to speak with an immigration lawyer and your UK Spouse Visa application.

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