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Sponsor Licence Revoked UK

If you have had your UK Sponsor Licence revoked or you are under threat of your licence being removed, then it could have a significant impact on your hiring of overseas workers.

Revokement of a Sponsor Licence is a major concern so you should seek advice immediately from an immigration expert. Reach out to our IAS team to find out how to get your licence reinstated. Call today at  +1 844 290 6312 or use our online chat service.

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    Overview of the Sponsor Licence Revocation Process

    It is important to understand if your UK Sponsor Licence has been suspended or removed. A suspended licence means you will not be able to issue any new Certificates of Sponsorship to new workers and your organisation will be removed from the Sponsor Licence register.

    However, your existing sponsored workers will be able to continue working for you while the Home Office investigates the reasons for the suspension.

    In contrast, if a Sponsor Licence is revoked, then permission to employ workers from overseas is removed completely and this will have a significant impact on any migrant workers on your staff.

    All sponsored employees will have to find an alternative sponsor with a set timeframe or return to their home country.

    There are significant legal and financial implications of continuing to employ workers without a valid Sponsor Licence; therefore, it is important you do not ignore your licence being revoked.

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    Our team of legal experts can help you obtain an sponsor licence revoked UK. Contact Us

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      Understanding the Reasons for UK Sponsor Licence Being Suspended

      It is important to understand why the Home Office made the decision to revoke your Sponsor Licence, especially if you plan to reapply for a new Sponsor Licence in the future so that you can make the necessary improvements correctly.

      In many cases, a Sponsor Licence is initially suspended, but failure to respond to the UK immigration authorities or not complying with requested changes can eventually lead to a revocation of the licence.

      Reasons for suspension include:

      • Poor record keeping, such as not updating the contact details of workers
      • Recruiting workers to roles that are not genuine vacancies or do not meet the required salary criteria
      • Employing overseas workers who do not have the right skills and qualifications for the role
      • Not informing the Home Office of non-compliance activities of sponsored workers, such as failing to attend work for sustained periods

      It is important to consult with an expert in immigration law if you are planning to reapply for a Sponsor Licence or are not clear about what your next steps are.

      Reasons to Revoke a Sponsor Licence

      The Home Office is permitted to revoke your Sponsorship Licence if you do not address the issues raised if you have previously had your licence suspended.

      However, it is also possible for a licence to be revoked without the suspension phase. This happens if the Home Office has decided the breaches are so severe that there is no other option.

      A Sponsor Licence can be removed for different reasons, such as:

      • False information was submitted on the Sponsor Licence application.
      • Not responding to a Sponsor Licence suspension letter within the required 20 days.
      • Failing to follow a Home Office’s action plan after suspension or downgrading
      • A Sponsor Licence holder ceases trading
      • Changes in the ownership of a Sponsor Licence holder, such as a takeover or merger, mean that a new licence should have been applied for
      • Ongoing suspensions over a short period
      • Guilty of hiring illegal workers on more than two separate occasions

      Having a Sponsor Licence revoked will have a significant impact on a business and its employees. Any sponsored overseas workers will have to leave the country within 60 days if they do not secure new sponsorship from an alternative employer.

      Organisations that have their Sponsor Licence revoked may also face a ‘cooling-off’ period that means they can not reapply for a licence within 12 months.

      If you are facing having your licence removed or have been subjected to a revokement, then you should contact an immigration lawyer as soon as possible to consider your options and assess the impact on your current workforce.

      What Happens if Your Sponsor's Licence is Suspended or Revoked?

      It is important to ensure you deal with the issue of having your Sponsor Licence suspended or revoked in a timely manner to avoid any further issues or penalties.

      Following a Sponsor Licence Suspension

      The Home Office will send a letter of suspension or revocation outlining why your Sponsor Licence has been removed and what the impact is, as well as what you should do next.

      Once you have received the letter of suspension, you should acknowledge receipt within the required timeframe. This is usually 20 working days but the exact date will be provided on the letter.

      The next step is to assess the reasons for the Home Office’s decision. You should analyse each cause carefully and address them. This may involve introducing or updating processes on reporting and record keeping of overseas workers.

      You then need to respond to the suspension letter in writing to address the issues raised and provide all the details requested. It is also important to attach all relevant supporting evidence to your response.

      The Home Office will evaluate all submissions before making a determination on whether to reinstate or withdraw your licence. Typically, unless there are significant policy breaches, the Home Office opts to suspend a licence, giving an opportunity to address any issues before considering revocation.

      Taking swift action upon receiving notification that your licence is at risk of being revoked is crucial in avoiding significant long-term problems.

      Promptly rectifying any shortcomings in a well-structured response to the Home Office is highly advisable. Acting swiftly is essential since you have a limited window to present your case, and the response you provide will significantly influence the Home Office’s final decision.

      If you are unclear on how to respond to the Home Office, then you should seek expert assistance, as the impact of not having a valid Sponsor Licence can be significant.

      Following a Sponsor Licence Revocation 

      If your licence is revoked you should make sure you acknowledge receipt of the notification from the Home Office promptly.

      It is not possible to appeal the decision, but there are other options available. You should enlist the help of a lawyer to make sure you are following the correct procedures.

      One option is to apply for a judicial review. This means a judge will check how the Home Office made their decision and assess whether it was correct. As part of the review, you will need to provide documents that show the UK immigration services made a mistake.

      Also, you have to prove that you meet all the requirements for having a Sponsor Licence and that you have complied with the required sponsorship duties.

      You may also decide that you are willing to accept the revocation and the impact it will have on your current workers. It is always possible to resubmit a new Sponsor Licence application once the cooling-off period has passed.

      Whatever your decision, you will need to provide the Home Office with a written response of how you plan to deal with the Sponsor Licence revokement.

      Keep in mind that what you write in your response and the evidence you give will greatly affect the Home Office’s decision.

      So, it’s very important to get help from a legal expert. A Sponsor Licence specialist lawyer can assist you in writing a response that deals with why your licence was suspended or revoked.

      Our immigration lawyers are here to assist you if your licence is suspended or removed. We’ll help you figure out the best approach, gather the right documents, and stay in touch with the Home Office. You can contact us at +1 844 290 6312 or reach out to us online.

      How Sponsor Licence Revocation Affects Your Organization

      If your Sponsor Licence is suspended, then the following will apply:

      • You will not be able to issue Certificates of Sponsorship to new foreign employees, impacting recruitment.
      • Your business will be removed from the official list of sponsors
      • All issued certificates will be revoked, causing the loss of existing sponsored migrant workers, leading to business challenges, reduced productivity, and hindered growth.
      • Applying for a new sponsor licence is usually only possible after a 12-month cooling period.

      A Sponsor Licence suspension or revocation also directly impacts employees. As a result of a suspended Sponsor Licence:

      • Current sponsored employees can continue working.
      • Sponsored migrant workers who are already in the UK and scheduled to work can proceed to do so
      • Visa extension applications for existing sponsored workers might not be processed during the suspension.
      • Sponsored workers planning to relocate to the UK will not be allowed to do so

      Following a revoked Sponsor Licence, your staff will be impacted by the following:

      • The Home Office will shorten the visas of existing sponsored workers, requiring them to leave the UK within 60 days unless they find sponsorship from another employer. However, this doesn’t apply to those with visas expiring in less than 60 days from revocation, who won’t be able to extend their visas.
      • Sponsored workers already in the UK, ready to begin work, will also have their visas shortened, and those yet to arrive in the country will be denied entry.

      How IAS Can Help

      Our team of lawyers at IAS are ready to provide support for any Sponsor Licence holders who are facing a potential licence revoking or are worried about complying with the legal obligations for employing overseas workers.

      We can offer advice on how to ensure sponsors meet their responsibilities and avoid potential issues. If your licence is removed, our experienced lawyers can provide support in following a Home Office action plan.

      To find out more about how we can help you with any concerns regarding Sponsor Licences please call us today on +1 844 290 6312 or use our online chat.

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                Frequently Asked Questions

                Yes, in most cases, there is a cooling-off period. After a Sponsor Licence is revoked, there is a waiting period of around 12 months before an organization can reapply for a new Sponsor Licence. During this time, the organization cannot sponsor any new migrant workers.

                Besides losing the ability to sponsor migrant workers, there might be financial implications. Sponsor Licence revocation can lead to business disruptions, loss of skilled workers, and potential legal consequences if compliance failures are severe or intentional.

                Organizations can challenge a Sponsor Licence revocation decision by following the Home Office’s appeal or review processes. This may involve providing additional evidence, addressing discrepancies, or appealing to a higher authority within a specified timeframe.