Not every child born in the UK will automatically be able to claim British citizenship by birth.

A child does not automatically become a British citizen when born in the UK if at least one of its parents aren’t British citizens. If a child is born in the UK, to one/both British parents, they will automatically be a British citizen.

If a child is born outside the UK to one or more British parents, they will need to register their British Citizenship status. This is a simple and straightforward process which allows the individual to access their British passport and full rights as a British citizen.

How can IAS help?

We can guide you through the process of British citizenship by birth. Your assigned lawyer will work one-on-one with you to assess your eligibility, discuss any issues you are having and guide you through the registration process. Call now on +1844 290 6312 or use our online contact form to speak with an immigration expert.


Can a child who is born in the UK get British citizenship by birth?

A child born in the UK to a British parent will gain British Citizenship automatically by birth.

If a child is born in the UK to non-British parents who then gain settled status, the child can register for British Citizenship.

How can a child become a British citizen?

A child can become a British citizen through the process of registration.

This applies if the child was born outside the UK to at least one British parent, or if a child was born inside the UK to non-British parents who are then granted settled status.

What can I do for my child born in the UK to non-British parents?

A child who is born in the UK to non-British parents does not have a right to British Citizenship as of 1983.

However, if the child’s parents gain settled status after the birth, the child becomes eligible for British Citizenship through registration.

Can do I get a British passport for my child born in the UK?

If a child born in the UK is eligible for British Citizenship by descent then they can apply for a passport straight away through the website.

If a child is born in the UK to non-British parents who gain settled status once the child has been born, the child will need to register as a British citizen. After they have done this, they can then apply for their British passport.

More on the British passport application process.

What services does IAS offer?

Our expert lawyers can help you through the process of gaining British Citizenship.

As part of our service, your lawyer will:

  • Assess your eligibility for British Citizenship by examining your circumstances and ancestry;
  • Assist you through the process of registration or naturalization as a British citizen;
  • Provide a full document check;
  • Compile all your documentation into an organized application portfolio;
  • Write a Letter of Representation, which pleads your case to the Home Office and sites relevant case-law when necessary;
  • Complete and submit your application on your behalf;
  • Liaise with the Home Office and UKVI whenever necessary.

To arrange a consultation and discuss your citizenship options with one of our advisers, call us on +1844 290 6312 or make an online inquiry to request a free call-back.

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