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Work Visa Sponsorship UK

As an employer in the UK with a Sponsor Licence from the Home Office, you can support foreign citizens to work in the UK via the Work Visa Sponsorship route.

At IAS, our dedicated team of lawyers is ready to speed up your Sponsor Licence application and assist your foreign employees in securing their Skilled Worker visas. For help and guidance, reach out to us on +1 844 290 6312.

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    How to Get a Sponsor Licence

    To get a Sponsor Licence you must meet the requirements to make an application otherwise you will not be approved.

    A potential licence holder will need to be a registered company in the UK, free from liquidation or unresolved issues, have a genuine need to sponsor foreign workers and meet the financial requirements set by the Home Office.

    Any potential vacancies will also need to meet the criteria under UK Work Visa rules.

    Applications for a Sponsor Licence can be submitted online and will need to be accompanied by a range of supporting paperwork such as financial records, details of company ownership and information on the roles to be filled by overseas nationals.

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      Benefits of a UK Visa Sponsorship for Employers

      UK Visa Sponsorship for employers comes with several benefits, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to hire international talent. Some key advantages include:

      • Employers can access a global talent pool, bringing in employees with unique skills and experiences that may not be readily available locally.
      • Businesses can address specific skill shortages by sponsoring individuals with the required expertise, contributing to the overall growth and competitiveness of the company.
      • Employers can meet workforce needs, especially in sectors where there is a shortage of skilled workers.
      • Promotes diversity and inclusion within the workplace.
      • For organisations that want to expand internationally, sponsorship allows deployment of key individuals to the UK, supporting the establishment or growth of operations in the country.

      After Sponsor Licence Application

      Once the completed application has been submitted, the Home Office will assess the paperwork and may request further information if required. You will be given a tracking number to follow the progress of your licence application.

      The Home Office may decide to conduct a pre-licence compliance inspection to evaluate the viability of the business as a sponsor and check current HR procedures.

      It can take between 8 and 12 weeks for a decision to be made on granting a Sponsor Licence.

      Seeking competent assistance, maintaining thorough application preparation, and being prepared for questions during the process can increase your chances of success during the pre-licence compliance visit. Contact IAS on +1 844 290 6312 for support and advice.

      Types of Visas That Employers Can Sponsor

      There are a number of UK Work Visas that a Sponsor Licence can sponsor and it will depend on the role to be filled as well as the circumstances of the worker.

      Skilled Worker Visa

      The Skilled Worker Visa is for individuals who have received a job offer from a sponsor approved by the Home Office. The job role offered must be within the list of eligible occupations and meet the stipulated minimum salary requirement.

      Global Business Mobility Visa

      The Global Business Mobility Visa is designed for individuals relocating to the UK from a multinational organisation. To be eligible, an employee must have worked for the company for at least 12 months in the previous three years, and the business must have offices in both the UK and the home country of the individual.

      Scale-up Worker Visa

      The Scale-up Worker Visa is intended for individuals who want to join the workforce of fast-growing UK companies. These businesses must have a minimum of three years of establishment and show a twofold increase in their turnover over the last two years.

      Religious Worker Visa 

      The Religious Worker visa is for individuals employed within a religious order or organisation. This visa is tailored for temporary workers seeking opportunities within the religious sector, accommodating those interested in non-pastoral roles or wishing to become part of religious orders or communities.

      Health and Care Worker Visa

      The Health and Care Worker visa is designed for healthcare professionals intending to work in the NHS or another accredited healthcare provider in the UK.

      If you have any questions about the work visa sponsorship in UK, our team is happy to assist. Contact Us

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        Responsibilities of Having a Sponsor Licence

        Having a Sponsor Licence comes with responsibilities that employers must fulfil to maintain compliance and ensure the welfare of sponsored workers. These responsibilities include:

        • Assigning key contact persons responsible for managing sponsorship activities and maintaining compliance.
        • Issuing certificates of sponsorship to eligible foreign workers, verifying their employment details and qualifications.
        • Maintaining accurate and current records of sponsored workers, including their employment details, immigration status, and visa information.
        • Ensuring sponsored workers maintain their legal status by abiding by all applicable immigration laws and rules.
        • Protect sponsored workers’ rights by upholding labour laws, offering equal opportunities, and fair employment practises..
        • Notify the Home Office as soon as there is a change in the employment status of sponsored workers, including termination, title changes, or pay adjustments.

        Issuing Certificate of Sponsorship to Workers

        A key part of Work Visa Sponsorship is issuing Certificates of Sponsorship (CoSs) to employees. These important online records allow overseas nationals to apply for UK Work Visas and will contain details of the role they will undertake.

        When issuing CoSs, you should ensure you provide information on the role, length of contract, salary and occupation code.

        If an employee changes roles then this must be reflected in the CoS and if the worker is no longer employed they must secure a new CoS from another employer within 90 days otherwise their Work Visa will no longer be valid.

        How Can Our Lawyers at IAS US Help You?

        Work Visa sponsorship can be a challenge, especially if you are unfamiliar with UK immigration rules. At IAS, we offer comprehensive assistance in securing Sponsor Licences, ensuring compliance, and guiding employers and individuals through the entire sponsorship process.

        Our immigration lawyers have years of experience and are up-to-date with the requirements for sponsoring Work Visas and recruiting workers from overseas.

        Your designated lawyer can help support your recruitment process and ensure you stand the best chance of success. Contact us today at on+1 844 290 6312 for guidance and advice.

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                  If you require sponsorship for a UK visa you need a combination of proactive networking, targeted job search, and showcasing your skills and qualifications to potential employers.

                  Individuals with a UK Skilled Worker Visa who have maintained their visa status for a continuous period of 5 years and earn a minimum annual salary of £25,600 are eligible for permanent settlement in the UK.

                  Individuals holding a minimum of a high school degree are eligible to apply for a UK Skilled Worker visa.