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Ireland Training Visa

If you want to come to Ireland to attend a training course, you may need to obtain a Training Visa. Depending on the duration of your training program in Ireland, you can apply for a Short Stay ‘C’ or a Long Stay ‘D’ Irish Visa.

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    What is the Training Visa to Ireland?

    The Training Visa is intended for non-EEA citizens who want to come to Ireland to participate in a training course related to their work or professional development. For you to be able to obtain the Training Visa to Ireland, the training has to be arranged by a company or organization you work for in your home country.

    Those who want to come to Ireland to complete a training course shorter than 90 days have to obtain the Short Stay ‘C’ Training Visa. If your Training Visa application for it is successful, you will have the right to come to Ireland and stay there for up to 3 months. Unfortunately, it is not possible to extend the Short Stay ‘C’ Training Visa so you will be obliged to leave Ireland after the initial 90 days.

    If the training course in Ireland lasts more than 90 days, you have to apply for the Long Stay ‘D’ Training Visa. The holders of Long Stay Visas to Ireland have the right to spend more than 3 months in the country. The exact validity of your Long Stay ‘D’ Visa can vary depending on your training course in Ireland.

    Keep in mind that citizens of EU/EEA countries do not need a visa to come to Ireland to take part in a training course.

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    How to apply for the Training Visa?

    To apply for the Training Visa, you have to complete an online application form using the AVATS platform. All Irish visa applications need to be made outside of Ireland from the country where the applicant is a legal resident. In the form, you have to provide personal details and state the reason for your travel to Ireland. You also have to indicate whether you are applying for the Short Stay Training Visa or the Long Stay ‘D’ Training Visa.

    After you submit your online application, you will see a webpage with the following information:

    • Your Visa Application Transaction Number – needed to check the progress in the processing of your application
    • Application Summary Sheet – make sure to print, sign, and date it as you have to include it in your portfolio of supporting documents
    • Information about the application office – the webpage will feature information about the application office you have to send your documents to for processing.

    The next step is to pay the visa fee. For a single entry visa, you have to pay €60, or €100 for multiple entry visas. The fee is non-refundable and it covers the cost of processing your application. You have to include the receipt confirming that you paid the fee in your portfolio of evidence.

    Once you pay the fee, you can start gathering documents that prove your eligibility for the Training Visa. To make sure you prepare all the documents that might be required, you should hire one of our immigration lawyers.

    Finally, you have to send your complete portfolio of evidence for processing. Most applications are processed within 8 weeks from the application office receiving your documents.

    It should be noted that an Irish visa allows the visa holder to travel to Ireland. However, it does not grant the visa holder immigration permission to enter the country or stay in Ireland. Immigration officials at the Irish Border Control may refuse entry to anyone despite the individual having an Irish Visa.

    What supporting documents are required?

    As part of the application process for the Training Visa, you have to submit a number of documents that prove your eligibility for it. The exact documents you need to provide vary depending on your individual circumstances. Nevertheless, evidence that all applicants have to submit may include the following:

    • Valid passport
    • Two passport-size photographs in color with your name and Visa Application Transaction Number written on the back of each photo
    • Signed and dated application summary sheet
    • Application letter in which you commit to obey the conditions of your visa, to leave Ireland when your visa expires, and to not become a burden on the state or rely on public services
    • Details of your training in Ireland such as the dates the training course will start and end, as well as proposed activities you will be engaging in during the program
    • Letter from your employer explaining what the training course is about and how it is relevant to your work
    • Letter from the training company in Ireland confirming that you registered for the course
    • A statement explaining who will pay the cost of the training course in Ireland
    • Details of your accommodation in Ireland (printed reservation confirmations, details regarding shared or free accommodation)
    • Proof that you have medical insurance
    • Receipt for the visa application fee
    • Evidence that you have ties in your home country that will make you go back there after your visa expires
    • Proof that you have enough finances to cover the expenses during your stay in Ireland
    • Information about any past visa refusals.

    All documents you submit have to be original and, if they were issued in a language that is not English or Irish, you have to have them translated by a certified translator. After your application is processed, you will get your documents back.

    All documents must be sent to the designated visa office within 30 days of completion of the online AVATS visa application. The failure to submit some of the documents can lead to your visa application being delayed or even rejected. To make sure you gathered all the necessary evidence, hire one of our lawyers.

    Get in touch with our expert immigration lawyers to receive assistance with your Irish Visa. Contact Us

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      What happens after I submit my application?

      Once you submit the online form and send over a portfolio of evidence, an immigration official will review your application. Processing times vary depending on the complexity of each case and the amount of work the immigration office is dealing with. Nevertheless, most applicants wait around 8 weeks to receive a decision.

      If your visa application is approved, you will receive an Irish immigration stamp on your passport and you will be able to start preparing for your trip to Ireland. Nevertheless, obtaining a visa does not guarantee that you will be allowed to enter the country. When you arrive at the border, an immigration officer will take a look at your documents and decide whether to give you permission to enter Ireland.

      If your Training Visa application is rejected, you will be issued a letter explaining the reasons for the refusal. You will have the right to appeal the decision for free within 2 months of the date indicated on the refusal letter. It is advisable to consult an immigration lawyer before initiating the appeal process.

      How can IAS help?

      At IAS, we have a team of experienced immigration lawyers who have helped many clients successfully obtain various visas to Ireland, including the Training Visa.

      Our lawyers can assess your personal circumstances and determine whether you meet the requirements for the visa and if so, they can help you submit your application.

      Thanks to the help of an immigration lawyer, you can make sure that your application has been completed to the highest standard and that there are no mistakes in it. You can also be sure that you are submitting all the necessary documents.

      Call us today at +1 844 290 6312 to find out more about how we can help.

      If you have any questions about your Ireland Training Visa application, our team is happy to assist. Contact Us

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  To be able to obtain the Training Visa to Ireland, you have to show that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay in Ireland. There is no specific minimum amount you have to have but a visa officer will analyze your individual situation and determine whether the funds you have are enough.

                  As part of the application, you have to submit a statement explaining who will pay for your training in Ireland. If an employer is helping you pay for the training course, you have to provide proof of that.

                  Depending on your training course in Ireland, you can obtain a Short Stay Training Visa or a Long Stay ‘D’ Training Visa. The former is valid for 90 days and it is not possible to extend it. The latter allows you to stay in Ireland for more than 3 months. The exact validity of a Long Stay ‘D’ Visa varies depending on the duration of the training program in Ireland.

                  Regardless of whether you are applying for a Short Stay ‘C’ Training Visa or a Long Stay ‘D’ visa, you have to pay €60 for a single entry permit or €100 for a multiple entry visa. Keep in mind that, if you are applying for a Short Stay ‘C’ Visa, multiple entry visas are granted only in exceptional circumstances. Furthermore, you may also need to pay additional consular fees depending on the Irish Embassy or Consulate in the country from which you are applying.

                  The Training Visa is issued to individuals who want to come to Ireland to complete training relevant to their work. If you come to Ireland on the Training Visa, you will not have the right to engage in any employment, whether it is paid or unpaid. To be able to work in Ireland, you have to get an employment permit and an Irish Work Visa.