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Parminder Kaur

Immigration Lawyer

Parminder graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a degree in Law. She joined IAS as an Immigration Caseworker in 2017. She has made several appearances on television and radio shows to offer immigration advice and updates.

Parminder Kaur ias


Parminder thrives on assisting clients to the best of her ability with due diligence and care.
She has also made several appearances on television shows, and also provided advice on legal matters and updates on radio shows.  Aswell as this, she assisted asylum seekers through the Manuel Bravo Project and arranged several events during Refugee Week.


Parminder has over six years experience in Immigration Law & Practice. She has dealt with a varied caseload consisting of all types of applications before the Home Office including Family applications under Appendix FM, Asylum, Human Rights and Family Reunion.

She has also worked with unaccompanied minors via Social Services and assisted those fleeing domestic violence in their applications to the Home Office.


Degree in Law, University of Central Lancashire

OISC Level 3 (The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner)

IAAS Level 2 senior (Immigration and Asylum Accreditation under the Law Society)


English – Native