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Oke Okeregha

Lawyer & Immigration Consultant

Okeremute Okeregha is the Director of IAS Ireland and a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the immigration sector in Ireland. She holds an LLB and BL from Nigeria, where she practised as a lawyer for several years. She has also completed an LLM from the University College Cork, Ireland, and an MA in Applied Spirituality from the Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland. She has also undergone various training on various aspects of immigration law in Ireland.

Currently, Okeremute manages the IAS office in Ireland, and her record of success in all aspects of Irish immigration is commendable. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she is a valuable asset to the team and a dedicated professional committed to providing top-notch services to clients.

oke okeregha


With close to 20 years of experience in the immigration sector, Okeremute started her work in the field by volunteering at NASC, an immigrant support service in Ireland, providing advice and support for individuals on protection and general immigration matters. She went on to work with the Vincentian Refugee Centre Dublin, providing information and support on asylum and immigration issues, before joining the Legal Aid Board Ireland, where she offered advice, information and support in areas including protection and immigration issues.

Okeremute also worked as the Legal Officer for Dorass Luimni, a migrant support non-governmental organisation, where she established the legal service, providing support and representation on protection and immigration issues. She also trained several case workers and legal interns on immigration law and processes in Ireland.


LLb and BL from Nigeria where she practised as a lawyer for a number of years

Completed a LLm from the University College Cork

OISC accredited


English – Native