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Moving To The US from Argentina

You will need a visa if you wish to emigrate from Argentina to the US. Reunite with your loved ones, find work, or change your lifestyle by moving to the US. IAS can help provide more information about the eligibility requirements and visa processing times and oversee your move to the US from Argentina.

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    Overview Of Moving To The US From Argentina

    The US has experienced a great influx of Argentinians in recent years as people seek to start a new life overseas.

    There are a number of visas available for those looking to relocate from Argentina to the US. The requirements for each visa can vary considerably so you should ensure they you are aware of the eligibility criteria and will be able to meet the visa conditions.

    If you are unsure then consider reaching out to a immigration specialist to make sure you have enough evidence in place to make a successful visa application.

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    Types Of Visas

    Several types of visa routes may help you become a permanent lawful resident in the US. These include

    • Family Visas
    • Naturalization
    • Investor Visas
    • Working Visas
    • Doing Business in Argentina for Non-Argentine Businesses

    Family-Based Immigration

    According to the Immigration and Nationality Act, foreigners can immigrate to the US based on their relationship with a US citizen. You can reunite with your family and obtain permanent residency if you meet the conditions for family-based immigration.

    Family-Based Immigration consists of two types:

    Unlimited Family-Based Immigration
    • Spouse, widow(er), unmarried children under 21, and parents of a US citizen who is 21 or older.
    Limited Family-Based Immigration
    • Adult unmarried sons/ daughters (over age 21) of a US citizen and their minor children.
    • Spouses, minor children, and unmarried sons/ daughters (over age 21) of lawful permanent residents.
    • Married sons and daughters of US citizens and their spouses and minor children.
    • Brothers and sisters of a United States citizen and their spouses and minor children, provided the US citizen is at least 21 years of age.

    How To Apply For Limited Family-Based Immigration To The US

    Your family member must file a Petition for Alien Relative, Form I-130, with the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

    The visa petition can be made from outside the US under certain conditions. You must pay the visa fee once you get the notification that the petition is approved.

    Reunite with your family in the US through family-based immigration. Call us for expert guidance. Contact Us

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      Steps Of Your Family Visa Application

      1. Your sponsor in the US will file a petition in your name. It is necessary for the applicant, for whom the petition is filed with the US embassy or Consulate, to remain in the country where that embassy or Consulate is located until the visa application is processed
      2. National Visa Center will start the process
      3. Once you have received your Welcome letter you will need to pay any processing fees.
      4. Your sponsor in the US will submit the Affidavit of support and required financial documents to the Embassy or the Consulate.
      5. You must complete the online Visa Application  Form DS-260 and print out the confirmation page to bring to your interview
      6. You will need to provide the following documents:
        • Birth certificate
        • Marriage/divorce certificates
        • Adoption certificate
        • Identity card
        • Police, court, and prison records
        • Military records
        • Passport and other travel records
        • Previous visas
        • Petitioner documents
      7. The documents are submitted electronically to the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) website. The scanned documents should be clear and in color.
      8. The next step is interview preparation. When your interview is scheduled, you, your petitioner, and your agent/attorney will receive an email containing interview details. You must complete the following requirements before your interview.
        • A medical examination from an authorized physician only, typically a physician on Embassy or Consulate panel.
        • Gather all documents, including photographs and the original or certified copy version of all civil documents that were submitted to NVC.
      9. All applicants must appear for the interview. The names of all participants will be mentioned in the notification you receive from NVC. On your interview day, appear with your printed visa application confirmation page.

      All applicants appear alone for the interview. But the IAS officers can help guide you through the interview process and prepare you for the session.

      Visa Fees for Moving to the US from Argentina

      The visa fee is based on the type of visa you apply for. These means the changes vary:

      • Immigrant petition for relative (I-130) – $535.00
      • Orphan (intercountry adoption) immediate relative petition (I-600, I-800) – $775.00
      • Immediate relative and family preference applications (processed based on an approved I-130, I-600, or I-800 petition) – $325.00

      Work Visa To Move From Argentina To The US


      Your employer will initiate a petition in your name with USCIS. The Form I-140 is valid for the following:

      • EB-1 visa is an Employment-Based Immigration applied to Permanent Workers with extraordinary ability in education/sport/scientific field or an investor.
      • EB-2: Employment-Based Immigration – it is also applied to an advanced degree in Science or exceptional abilities in various fields.
      • EB-3: Employment-Based Immigration for skilled workers, professionals, and other unskilled individuals.

      Work Visa Fees

      The work visa fee is $700 and you can pay it via money order, personal check, cashier’s check, or pay by credit card using Form G-1450.

      Required Documents For Work Visa

      • An original certified Form ETA 9089, Application for Permanent Employment Certification (PDF), when an employer petitions for the employee as:
        • Member of the professions holding an advanced degree or person of exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business;
        • Professional;
        • Skilled worker; or
        • Unskilled (other) worker;
      • An original certified Form ETA 750, Application for Alien Employment Certification if you engage a professional athlete with extraordinary skills.
      • You must show proof of wage you have attested to pay.
      • Evidence of training in the form of a letter(s) from previous or current employers, including the writer’s name, address, and title.

      Contact IAS today to find the most successful route to apply for a work visa. Our experts will guide you and will represent you.

      Looking to move from Argentina to the US for work? Call us today, we can provide the legal expertise you need. Contact Us

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        Diversity Visa - Immigrant Program

        You are eligible for a Diversity visa if you are an Argentinian citizen and wish to move to the US permanently. The Diversity visa is the easiest and quickest way to immigrate to the US, but the regulations for entering are strict.

        Each year 55,000 Diversity visas are made available. The computer-generated results are random, which is why it is also called a diversity lottery visa. Each country receives at most 7 per cent of diversity visas within a single region.

        Eligibility Criteria

        Country of Origin

        To be eligible for the diversity visa, you must belong to a country that has sent less than 50,000 immigrants to the US in the last five years.


        The applicant must be educated until high school or its equivalent of 12 years of successful and secondary education completion.

        Training/Employment Requirement

        The applicant must have held a job in the last five years and have two years of training.

        If the applicant does not meet these criteria, they should not enter the Diversity immigration program as you will not be successful.

        E2 Visa For Argentinians


        Another opportunity for Argentinians to move to the US is through an E2 visa. It is an investment visa. You must invest a substantial amount in a business or an authentic enterprise to be granted the E2 visa.

        You cannot become a permanent resident in the US via an E2 visa. But the investor and their dependents can stay in the US until the validity of the business investment agreement.

        E2 visas, unlike other investor visas, do not require a minimum investment amount. They merely demand a “substantial” investment in a running business.

        Requirements Of The E2 Visa

        There are some requirements to be eligible for the E2 visa. The requirements are:

        • You must be a national of a country that has signed a commerce & navigation treaty with the US.
        • The investment amount should be substantial enough to run the business operations adequately.
        • The investor must be in control of the funds and should commit those funds to the business.
        • The investment must be in a registered business or commercial enterprise.
        • The investor should live in the US to oversee the business operations. The applicant can also obtain an E2 visa for supervisory and executive roles or as a highly skilled and specialized employee.

        How To Obtain E2 Visa

        An American consulate issues the E2 visa in Buenos Aires. The consulate accepts applications that are submitted electronically and must follow the formatting guidelines. You must submit the application strictly following all guidelines for a successful visa interview appointment.

        The required documents for an E2 visa are:

        • Visa fees receipt
        • Required immigration forms
        • A cover letter summarizes the requirements for the E2 visa and your eligibility
        • A table of contents/index
        • Details about dependents
        • Supporting documentation, valuation of the business; ownership documents for the business; evidence that the business is not marginal; including proof of nationality of the investor; proof that the business is real and operating
        • and, if applicable, information regarding an employee’s need to immigrate to the U.S. to fulfill a position with an E2 company

        All supporting documents should be at most 70 pages, and the file size should equal to or less than 20 MB.

        An interview will be scheduled when the application is accepted. And if the interview is also cleared, the applicant, their spouse, and unmarried children (under 21) will obtain the E2 visa. The applicant can live in the US for 5 years, and the visa E2 visa can be renewed indefinitely as long as you stay under E2 status.

        Want to invest in the US with an E2 Visa? Our immigration lawyers can guide you through the process. Contact Us

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          How Can IAS Help You

          Applying to live in another country can be overwhelming and confusing. IAS can help support you in making your application to relocate to the US.

          IAS has helped many individuals and families reunite with their loved ones or set up businesses in the US. IAS provides expert assistance in the immigration process. The proficient officers will be there with you during interview preparation or document gathering.

          Call us on +1 844 290 6312 for immediate help and assistance with your situation. We’re here to help you in person, via the phone, or online.

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          Ensure you have the greatest chance of a successful appeal. We will represent you in any case.

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          With our untimed Advice Session, our professional immigration lawyers will review your case and provide you with comprehensive advice, completely tailored to your needs and your situation.

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            With our Application Package, your dedicated caseworker will advise you on your application process and eligibility. Your legal advisor will then complete and submit your forms to the Home Office on your behalf.

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                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    Typically, the visa is approved within 60 days of your interview. But time can vary depending upon each individual case. For quick visa approvals, apply early. Try to apply 3 months before your required date.

                    Yes. The visa Type B-1/B-2 is a non-immigrant visa. It allows Argentinians to do business in the US and travel without applying for two visas. There is no visa fee for a Type B-1/B-2 visa.

                    Yes, both the US and Argentina allow dual nationality.