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Canada Post-Graduation Work Permit

Did you just graduate from an eligible Canadian Designated Learning Institution?  You could obtain a Canadian Post Graduation Work Permit, which could provide you with valuable Canadian work experience. The Post-Graduation Work permit allows you to be employed in Canada and work as many hours as you desire.

Call us today at +1 844 290 6312 for immediate help and assistance receiving a Canadian Post Graduation Work Permit.  We’re here to help you in person, via the phone, or online.

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    What Is a Post-Graduation Work Permit?

    The Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) enables international students who have graduated from one of the eligible study programs to work and stay in Canada. Undergraduate students are eligible for a 3-year PGWP after completing a 4-year degree in Canada. Request a customized letter of completion indicating the length of your program if you wish to apply.  The PGWP is an open work permit allowing holders to work for any type of employer anywhere in Canada without a limit to the number of work hours, whether you are self-employed, working part-time, or working full-time.

    It is important that the program of study is at a Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI).  This is a university or school that a territorial or provincial government approves in Canada to accommodate international students.

    The Post-Graduation Work Permit provides a means of transitioning to permanent residency from a temporary resident status through programs like the Canadian Experience Class.  The Post Graduate Work Permit provides the much-needed Canadian work experience for an international student to enter the Express Entry Immigration system.

    Another advantage that the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) has is that it is exempted from Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).  What this simply means is that employers will hire post-graduate work permit holders faster than foreign workers can be employed.  This is because there is no need for them to go through the Labour Market Impact Assessment before employing those with PGWP.

    Preparing for your Post Graduation Work Permit is extremely important because one can only have one PGWP in a lifetime.  Due to this, you must know the right time to submit your PGWP application.

    To put this in perspective, if you apply after your longest study period, your post-graduation work permit will also have the longest validity.  This is so because a post-graduation work permit will be valid for the exact duration of the study program period.  Your post-graduation work permit can’t be for a longer period than the duration of your study.

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    How To Get Post Graduate Work Permit in Canada?

    While easy, getting a post-graduate work permit requires a certain level of preparedness and expertise.  It is possible to apply for the post-graduation work permit either by mail or online.  However, applying for it online is usually faster, and you can also be certain that your application has been completed before submitting it.  Also, if any additional documents are required, you can submit them faster through your online account.

    The first step in starting your post-graduation work permit application online is creating an IRCC secure account.  If you decide to make your application via mail, you can request the post-graduation work permit application package on the IRCC website.

    You only have 180 days during which you must apply after confirmation of the completion of your program of study has been received from the Designated Learning Institution.  After submitting your application, applicants must provide their photos and fingerprints (biometrics).

    You should know a couple of things that might help in applying for a post-graduation work permit. They are:

    1. You can apply while in Canada if you still have a valid study permit, possess a valid visitor record, or are awaiting a decision on a change or extension of status to visitor or student.
    2. If your study permit expires or becomes invalid, you can either apply to have your student status restored, after which you can apply for your post-graduation work permit.  Another option is to leave Canada and apply for a PGWP from another country.  However, it is essential to note that if you are going to apply to have your student status restored, you must do so within 90 days from the expiration of your study permit.  You must leave the country if you miss this deadline because you won’t be able to apply inside Canada.
    3. Suppose your study permit is bound to expire before you receive your results; you can either leave Canada and apply for your post-graduation work permit from another country or apply for the visitor record to extend your stay in Canada.
    4. If, by chance, your passport expires before the validity period of your post-graduation work permit.  You can apply for a work permit extension after your passport is renewed.  This will ensure that you receive the complete validity of your post-graduation work permit.
    5. Based on if you are applying from outside Canada or within Canada, the post-graduation work permit processing time is about two to three months.  While you are waiting for the outcome of your post-graduation work permit application, you can work in Canada, given that your application has been submitted before the expiration of your student permit.
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    What Is the Validity Period of The Post-Graduation Work Permit?

    There is no definite answer to the validity of the post-graduation work permit.  This is because the validity period of your PGWP is related to the duration of your study program.  This means that:

    • If the duration of your program of study is just eight months, your post-graduation work permit will also be valid for eight months.
    • If the duration of your program of study falls between eight months and three years, your post-graduation work permit, in most cases, will be valid for the exact length of time as the program.
    • If you took more than a program of study, the total time of the different programs would be added but not more than three years.
    • If your studies have been accelerated, the duration of your post-graduation work permit is still going to be calculated based on the length of your program of study.

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      Requirements For Post Graduate Work Permit

      To be eligible for the Canadian post-graduation work permit, here are some of the requirements:

      • You must submit your application within 180 days of completing your study program.
      • You should be above 18 years old.
      • If you are applying from Canada, your study permit must be valid for 180 days.
      • You must present a valid study permit or authorization to study.
      • Your institution of study must be a designated Learning Institution.  You must also be aware that not all Designated Learning Institutions offer programs meeting the post-graduation work permit requirements.  You should check the list of DLIs offering eligible programs on the Canadian government website.
      • If you are going to apply from outside Canada, you must be approved for a study permit.
      • You must be studying your program full-time.
      • The study program must run for a minimum of eight months.
      • If your course is distance-learning or online, you can only be eligible if more than 50% of your course is not online or distance-learning.
      • Your study program must lead to a certificate, diploma, or degree.
      • It is acceptable to transfer between different eligible DLIs if the total length of study is more than eight months and continuous.
      • Most of the learning should take place in Canada, but only a limited number of overseas studies is allowed.
      • Your DLI must confirm that you have completed all your program requirements.
      • You must graduate from any of:
      1. A private school in Canada awarding degrees under provincial law like a Ph.D., Master’s, Bachelor’s, or Associate degree.
      2. A private post-secondary school in the province of Quebec operating under similar rules as the public schools in the Quebec province.
      3. A public post-secondary school like a CEGEP (in Quebec), University, technical/trade school, or college.
      4. A private post-secondary or secondary school offering 900 or more hours of qualifying programs, leading to a DEP (vocational studies diploma) or an ASP (vocational studies accreditation).

      The documents you need to apply for your post-graduation work permit are:

      • Travel Documents
      • Passport
      • Current immigration documents
      • Photograph
      • Document explaining whether any gaps present in your studies were approved officially or not.
      • Proof that your program of study has been completed.  This is usually your transcript or official letter from the school.
      • Documents of proof if you combined two programs.
      • Evidence to ascertain that part-time study (if any, not including your final term) was approved.
      • Documents to explain why the number of allowable working hours was exceeded if applicable.
      • Documents in support of any form of accelerated learning.
      • Proof of medical condition or exam, if applicable.
      • The Visa office can request additional documentation to aid in the processing of your application.
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      How can IAS Help?

      There are a lot of factors to consider when applying for a post-graduation work permit.  You are also going to have to present evidence for a variety of requirements.  As someone who is not an expert in Canadian immigration laws and processes, it is possible to get confused and put forward a poor application.

      This is where IAS comes in with our army of expert immigration lawyers equipped to help you submit a perfect post-graduation work permit application.  We’re here to help you in person, via the phone, or online.  Call us today at +1 844 290 6312 for immediate help and assistance receiving a Canadian Post Graduation Work Permit.

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