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Provincial Nominee Programs

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is an opportunity for foreign nationals to become permanent residents in Canada. If you wish to settle in Canada, you may be eligible for this program.

You can reach us at +1 844 290 6312  for additional information on the Provincial Nominee Program and help in submitting an iron clad application.

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    What Is A Provincial Nominee Program?

    Provincial Nominee Programs let Canadian provinces and territories nominate specific persons for permanent residence in Canada. The program was initiated in 1998 and is one of the ways Canadian provinces and territories manage their immigration systems. You can think of the Provincial Nominee Programs to distribute immigration evenly across Canada. The eligibility criteria for a Provincial Nominee Program differs across each province and territory. However, all applicants must meet specific education, work experience, and skill requirements.

    Provinces and territories also consider each nominee’s application and decide based on their specific needs. Additionally, the applicant’s interests in Canada will be considered, alongside the positive contributions they can make to society and their local economy.

    Provinces and territories can nominate successful applicants to apply to the federal government for permanent residence in their Provincial Nominee Program. However, only the Canadian Federal Government can approve an applicant’s Canadian permanent resident status. You should consider the Provincial Nominee Programs as a two-step process that leads to permanent residence in Canada. Not all provinces and territories in Canada have Provincial Nominee Programs. However, these exceptions have other systems implemented for their immigration program. For instance, Quebec does not have a PNP; instead, it uses programs like the Quebec Skilled Worker Program for its immigration process.

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    Which Provinces And Territories In Canada Have Provincial Nominee Programs?

    As you already know, not all provinces and territories have Provincial Nominee Programs. The list of provinces and territories that have Provincial Nominee Programs are as follows:

    Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)

    Through the following streams, you can qualify for the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP).

    • Alberta Express Entry Stream (Available for foreign employees)
    • Alberta Opportunity Stream (Available for foreign employees)
    • Self-Employed Farmer Stream
    • International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream
    • Foreign Graduate Start-up Visa Stream

    British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)

    The streams for the BC PNP application include

    • Express Entry British Columbia (Available for skilled employees)
    • Skills Immigration (Available to skilled and semi-skilled persons working in high-demand professions)
    • Entrepreneur Immigration Stream

    Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)

    • The paths for this provincial nominee program are
    • Human Capital Priorities path
    • French-Speaking Skilled Workers path
    • Skilled Trades path
    • Employer Job Offer: International Students path (Available to International students and is based on an expression of interest structure)
    • Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker path (Available to foreign employees and is based on an expression of interest structure)
    • Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills path (Available to skilled workers in-high demand professions and is based on an expression of interest structure)
    • Masters Graduate path (Available to Master graduates and is based on an expression of interest structure)
    • Ph.D. Graduate path (Available to PhD graduates and is based on an expression of interest structure)

    New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)

    Applicants can apply for the NBPNP through the following streams

    • NB Express Entry Stream
    • NB Business Immigration Stream
    • NB Skilled Worker Stream

    Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)

    The streams for this Provincial Nominee Program are

    • Physician
    • Skilled Worker
    • Entrepreneur
    • Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities
    • Occupations in Demand
    • Labour Market Priorities for Physicians
    • International Graduates in Demand
    • International Graduate Entrepreneur
    • Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry

    Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP)

    You can apply for the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Programs through the streams below:

    • Prince Edward Island Critical Workers Stream
    • Prince Edward Island Express Entry Stream
    • The Atlantic Immigration Pilot
    • Business Start-Up and Entrepreneurship
    • Skilled Workers Outside Canada Stream
    • Skilled Worker in Prince Edward Island Stream
    • International Graduate Stream

    Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP)

    Streams for this Provincial Nominee Program include

    • Employer-Driven Stream
    • Express Entry Stream
    • Business Stream

    Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)

    The streams for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program are as follows:

    • Entrepreneur and Farm Stream
    • International Skilled Worker Stream
    • Saskatchewan Experience Stream

    Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

    You can take the following streams for this PNP

    • Business Investor Stream
    • Skilled Workers Stream
    • International Education Stream

    Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program (NLPNP)

    The streams for this PNP are:

    • Skilled Worker
    • International Entrepreneur Category
    • Express Entry Skilled Worker
    • International Graduate
    • International Graduate Entrepreneur Category

    Yukon Nominee Program (YNP)

    The streams for this PNP include:

    • Yukon Express Entry
    • Yukon Skilled Worker
    • Yukon Community Pilot
    • Yukon Critical Impact Worker
    • Yukon Business Nominee

    What Are Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Streams Or Paths?

    All PNPs have streams and paths. Streams are categories and sub-programs listed under every Provincial Nominee Program. These categories and sub-programs are only available to certain people such as entrepreneurs, businessmen and businesswomen, skilled and semi-skilled workers and students who want to immigrate to Canada.

    As you already know, provinces and territories choose nominees based on their specific needs. The streams under a PNP allow provinces and territories to meet their labour market needs. Overall, there are more than 80 Provincial Nominee Programs. Each program has unique requirements that applicants must meet before the province or territory approves their application.

    You should know that some Provincial Nominee Programs streams operate on a first-come, first-serve structure. This mode of operation means that once the quota for the program is met, applications will no longer be processed under that stream.

    Who Can Apply For A Provincial Nominee Program?

    To be eligible for the Provincial Nominee Program, foreign nationals must:

    • Have the necessary education, skills, and work experience necessary for contributing to the local economy of the province or territory they are applying to
    • Be looking to live in the province or territory that they are applying to
    • Be looking to become a permanent residence in Canada

    If you obtain approval for your PNP application, you may submit your application for permanent residency in Canada. You will need to do this within the prescribed time frame. Furthermore, the territory or province you are applying to will notify you whether you should apply through the regular or express entry method. For those who have to apply through the express entry process, you will have to create an Express Entry profile. Once you have created a profile, you will enter the Express Entry pool.

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      How To Apply For A Provincial Nominee Program

      The application process for a Provincial Nominee Program is straightforward. First, you must identify which stream under the Provincial Nominee Program suits you. Make sure to research carefully. Some programs have similar streams, so make your choice carefully.

      Once you have identified which Provincial Nominee Program stream you are qualified for, you need to submit an application to the appropriate province or territory.

      The next step is in the hands of the province or territory. The province will nominate you for permanent residency in Canada if your application is approved. You will also be granted a Provincial nomination certificate at this point. Following your nomination, you may apply for permanent residency to the Canadian government.

      The application for permanent residency can be completed online for applicants nominated for Express Entry. Other applicants will have to complete a paper-based application process.

      What Is Express Entry?

      Express Entry is one of Canada’s efforts to improve the permanent residence application process. Several Canadian provinces and territories have adopted the Express Entry process into their Provincial Nominee Programs.

      The Express Entry process is mainly used to manage online applications for permanent residence from skilled workers with appropriate educational backgrounds. Applicants must also be moderately fluent in French or English.

      To apply for a Provincial Nominee Program through an Express Entry stream, you will have to start your application process by:

      • Researching which Provincial Nominee Program Express Entry streams you are qualified for
      • Gathering all the necessary documents
      • Creating an online Express Entry profile
      • Receiving a request to tender an application for permanent residence in Canada.

      You will have to provide background information about yourself, including details about your skills and employment history, when you are creating an Express Entry profile. Points will be assigned to you according to a point-based system. The quality, rather than quantity, of the information you provide will determine your points.

      Once you amass enough points, you will join the pool of Express Entry applicants.

      The Express Entry applicants with the highest points in this pool will receive the invitations to apply for Canadian permanent residency. You must submit your application and all other necessary documents within 60 days of receiving this invitation. Generally, the Express Entry applications for permanent residence are processed in at most 6 months.

      What Documents Do I Need To Apply For Permanent Residency?

      Express Entry applicants receive invitations to apply for Canadian permanent residency once their PNP application has been approved. They must then upload all the documents they used to create an Express Entry profile. Asides from these documents, they must also upload and submit the following documents:

      • Medical exam certificates
      • Police certificates
      • Birth Certificate (this document is necessary if you are declaring a dependent child)
      • Use of a Representative Form (this document is required when you have hired a representative to assist you with the application process)
      • Marriage certificate (If you are already married)
      • Common-Law union form (this document is only applicable to applicants declaring their marital status as common-law)
      • Spouse’s death certificate (this document is only necessary when the applicant declares their marital status as widowed)
      • Legal separation agreement and Divorce certificate (Only if the applicant is divorced)
      • Adoption certificate (only if the applicant has a dependent child who is adopted)

      You may choose to strengthen your application and improve your chances of approval by including the following documents:

      • Evidence of relationship to a relative resident in Canada
      • Digital pictures to serve as additional proof of your identity
      • Previous names or aliases you had in the past
      • Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated Individual Form
      • Any relevant document that you believe is essential to your application process.

      What Documents Do I Need For An Express Entry Profile?

      As a skilled worker applying for a Provincial Nominee Program via an Express Entry stream, the documents you will need to gather are:

      • A valid travel document or passport
      • Proof of Canadian education or a report of your educational credential assessment (this document is necessary if you want to obtain more points for any education you got outside of Canada or are applying via the Federal Skilled Workers Program)
      • Provincial Nomination certificate (Only if you already have one)
      • An offer for employment from a Canadian employer (Only if you have one)
      • Proof that you have the funds for both travelling to and resettling in Canada

      You will need to provide specific documents at different stages of the process. Take note that there is no need to upload any of these documents to your Express Entry profile. Instead, you will need to provide information available in these documents.

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        What Does The Paper-Based Application Process Entail?

        Those not applying for the Express Entry must complete a paper-based application process when applying for Canadian permanent residency. However, before starting this process, they must have received a nomination certificate from the territory or province they want to immigrate and settle in.

        Once nominated, the applicant must tender their application for permanent residency to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

        The applicant will receive a guide on what to do next, the documents that should be submitted, and all the necessary forms that must be filled out and completed. All this will be provided in the application package with the nomination certificate.

        Nominated applicants must also make necessary fee payments online and provide their biometric information online.

        Once the application has been approved, the application will be sent to the local visa office of the nominee. Once the application is complete, it will be shipped to the Canadian Centralized Intake Office. This office is responsible for processing the application.

        What Are The Language Requirements Of The Provincial Nominee Program?

        There are specific language proficiency requirements that applicants for PNPs must meet before they are considered eligible. However, the requirement for each Provincial Nominee Program differs from province to province.

        According to the Canadian Language Benchmark system, applicants must meet a specified score requirement in writing, listening, reading and speaking. Generally, candidates are expected to meet the minimum proficiency in English, French, or both. However, some Provincial Nominee Programs, such as the National Occupation Classification (NOC) or the Skilled Worker Program, require candidates to undergo compulsory testing.

        Applicants must then include a copy of their results in these tests when they submit their application for permanent residence in Canada. This submission should be made to the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) if the applicant is going through the paper-based application process. The test results should be uploaded to their online profile for Express Entry applicants.

        How Much Does It Cost To Apply For The Provincial Nominee Program?

        PNP applicants must make the payments for the following fees when applying for the PNP and permanent residency in Canada. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

        • Provincial Nominee processing fees: $825
        • Provincial nominee processing fees for your common-law partner or spouse (only if applicable): $825
        • Right of Permanent residency fees: $500
        • Biometrics $85
        • Biometrics for a family (2 or more family members): $170
        • Medical exam fees: The cost varies
        • Language Test fees: The cost varies, but on average, applicants should expect to pay about $300 for each test
        • Educational Credential Assessments: $300

        Applicants will also make payment for other miscellaneous fees such as notaries and certified translations. These costs may vary based on the applicant’s unique circumstances.

        Lastly, each province and territory has its application fees for a specific Provincial Nominee Program. The amount you will have to pay will depend on the stream you are applying for, the Provincial Nominee Program it is under and which province or territory you are applying to.


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          How Can IAS Help You?

          Being eligible for a Provincial Nominee Program is not a guarantee that you will be nominated by the province or territory you apply to. Additionally, there are specific requirements that you must meet for any immigration path or program you intend to use. These requirements often differ from the general requirements for permanent residence in Canada.

          Generally, applying for an immigration process demands experience. IAS lawyers are versatile with Canadian immigration programs and laws. We have assisted several applicants and helped them relocate successfully to Canada. We can do the same for you.

          IAS can help you complete the process of obtaining a provincial nomination, create an Express Entry profile on your behalf, and overall, help you raise your chances of being granted permanent residence in Canada.  You can reach us at +1 844 290 6312, and we can also help you in person or online.

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