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US Election: Biden Pledges to Find the Missing Parents of Immigrant Children

U.S. presidential candidate, Joe Biden, has pledged to reunite hundreds of immigrant children with their families if he wins the U.S. election this Tuesday.

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    US Election: Biden Pledges to Find the Missing Parents of Immigrant Children

    Joe Biden has pledged that if he wins the U.S. election on Tuesday, he will sign an executive order that would establish a task force to search for the missing parents of hundreds of immigrant children in the U.S.

    Why are the children’s parents missing?

    It was reported earlier this month that lawyers could not find the parents of 545 immigrant children who were separated from their families at the U.S. border. The separations were part of the Trump administrations “Zero Tolerance Policy” that saw 2,800 families separated at the border.

    What is Biden’s pledge?

    In a new campaign add, Joe Biden called the separations “criminal” as he spoke about the hundreds of children that had been left without parents. The campaign advert goes on to claim that on his first day as president, Biden will sign an executive order to help reunite these families.

    As well as this pledge, Biden’s immigration plan promises to reverse many of the immigration policies implemented by Trump, this includes ending the travel ban on individuals from Muslim majority countries as well as stopping construction on the border wall and putting an end to these family separations.

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    reunite immigrant families

    Joe Biden pledges to reunite separated families if he wins the U.S. election [Image credit: Chris Boese via Unsplash]

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