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D1 Visa Portugal

The D1 is a residency visa for professionals who have already accepted an offer of employment in Portugal. It is one of the most attractive immigration paths for those who want to live in Portugal.

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    What Is A D1 Visa?

    The D1 Visa is for professionals who have received an employment offer in Portugal that exceeds one year. Individuals still searching for employment in Portugal or any Portuguese territory will not be granted this Visa.

    Successful applicants are granted the opportunity to stay and work within the Portuguese territory.

    However, the employer must declare to the Instituto do Emprego e Formacao Profissional (IEFP) (Institute for Employment and Vocational Training) before sending an offer to a foreign national.

    This declaration confirms that the vacancy has already been disclosed to the general public, and the role could not be filled by a Portuguese or a member of the EU (European Union).

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    Who Can Apply For The D1 Visa?

    The eligibility requirements for the D1 visa type are different from most other visa types. To qualify for this visa as a US citizen, you must be:

    • A person who wants to and is willing to live in Portugal for at least 183 days each year.
    • A person who has been given an employment contract by an employer or organisation that is registered in Portugal. The employer may be a third-party company or could be an already established company that you own.

    Suppose the employment contract is being granted by a self-owned company, the employee’s minimum monthly salary has to be at least €725 (applicable for 2022). The payroll and social tax of the employee must be 23.75%% and 11%, respectively.

    However, if you own the company, the payroll tax must be €252 per month or 34.75%.

    If you are moving with your family, you must provide certain financial guarantees. These guarantees will assure the Portuguese government that you can take care of a family.

    The minimum active income for your spouse or partner must be half (1/2) of the subsistence minimum, and for each child is about a third (1/3) of the subsistence minimum.

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    Can I Still Apply For This Visa If I Am A Tourist In Portugal?

    You may apply for D1 Visa if you are already within Portuguese territory. However, your specific personal circumstances will dictate if you are granted this visa or not. To apply for a residence permit as a US professional or US worker in Portugal, you must:

    • Have an employment contract
    • Provide proof of address
    • Have wages above the minimum wage
    • Have started making contributions to social security

    You may submit an expression of interest as a tourist or legal entrant into the Portuguese territory. However, this must be submitted along with the employment contract.

    This way, you will be exempted from meeting the visa requirements to gain entry into the country. This exemption is useful for those already on other visas, such as student visas.

    How Do I Apply For The D1 Visa?

    There are two application processes for US subordinate workers who want to obtain the D1 Visa and be granted permission to become Portuguese residents.

    As a US subordinate worker, you may submit a visa application at the local embassy or consular office in your country of origin. This method is particularly suitable for foreign nationals outside the EU.

    The other method is to enter the Schengen area without needing a special visa after submitting an Expression of Interest letter in Portugal.

    If your application is approved, you will be granted a temporary residence permit to work in Portugal. However, this temporary permit is only valid for 2 years and can only be renewed for 3 additional years.

    You can submit an application for family reunification once granted a temporary residence permit. The family reunification process allows you to bring your US family members over to Portugal with you.

    Once you have spent 5 years working and living in Portugal, you may submit an application for a permanent residence permit. You can also choose to apply for nationality and become a Portuguese citizen.

    You will have to spend a minimum of 183 days each year within Portuguese territory to keep your permits valid.

    Failure to comply with this requirement can invalidate your temporary residence permit, which may result in travelling back home to restart the process.

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      How Long Does The Application Process For The D1 Visa Take?

      To apply for the D1 Visa, you must submit the necessary documents at the Portuguese embassy or consular office in your country. Once these documents have been submitted, the Aliens and Borders Service, SEF, initiates the approval process.

      Typically, applicants have to wait between 30 and 90 days to get a decision, and the visa application fee is non-refundable regardless of the decision.

      The SEF may also request additional documents from you while you wait. You will also be required to be present for a visa interview.

      A visa interview is usually conducted at the end of the approval process. However, you may have to make yourself available for a visa interview multiple times, depending on your personal circumstances.

      If your application is approved, your documents will be sent back with the visa stamp. You are advised not to purchase a ticket until your visa has been authorized. Doing this will prevent certain issues such as ticket cancellations and changed travel times and dates.

      Once you arrive in Portugal, you must contact the local immigration department, the SEF office. The SEF office will issue your residential permit.

      You may apply for citizenship once you have spent at least 5 years in Portugal and meet all the requirements.

      What Documents Do I Need For The Application Process?

      The documents that you need for the D1 visa application process are as follows:

      • A filled visa application form
      • Two 3×4 format photographs or pictures
      • Your original passport and copies of its pages
      • Copies of your educational and professional certifications and qualifications
      • A copy of your Curriculum Vitae (CV)
      • Proof of sufficient funds (this can be any document that verifies your financial status. It serves to prove that you are more than capable of funding your stay in Portugal. Typically, a bank account statement is suitable for this).
      • Proof of Accommodation (this is any documentation that proves you have a place to stay while living in Portugal. It may be a house or flat rental agreement or any other document that confirms that immovable property in Portugal is available to you).
      • Police statement/Apostilled Certificate of Cleanliness (Any document that confirms that you do not have a criminal record).
      • Authorisation form filled by the visa applicant that allows the consular officers to check the criminal status of the visa applicant.
      • Full medical insurance (essential).
      • Employment contract from a company registered in Portugal (the contract must last for more than a year and be signed by you and your employer).
      • Employer’s authorisation to employ a foreign professional or worker. This certification must be granted by the IEFP.
      • Copies of your marriage certificate (if applicable to you)
      • Copies of your children’s birth certificates (if applicable to you).

      You should know that all these documents must be notarised and translated into Portuguese. The employer’s authorisation to employ foreign nationals can be obtained from the IEFP.

      Your employer has to make the vacant position public to prioritise EU nationals during the entire recruitment stage. If no EU national is employed to fill the role, the employer will be allowed to employ non-EU nationals.

      What If I Cannot Get An Employment Contract From A Portuguese Employer?

      An employment contract from a Portuguese employer is necessary for this visa application process. However, suppose you cannot get an employment offer from a Portuguese company or organisation; you may choose to start your own Portuguese company.

      Once you start a company and start employing staff members, you will be granted a Portuguese work visa.

      Our team at IAS can help you with this process and provide guidance and assistance with all the necessary processes during this stage.

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        How Can IAS Help?

        The D1 visa category is a great pathway for US professionals or workers to live in Portugal. It also offers an opportunity to gain permanent residence or citizenship in Portugal after 5 years of living in Portugal. IAS has versatile immigration lawyers who are experienced and well-versed in immigration laws and processes.

        Over the years, we have helped several US citizens immigrate successfully. You can take advantage of our experience, skills, and knowledge to make your immigration process much easier.

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