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D4 Visa Portugal (Short-Term Student Visa)

US citizens looking to study in Portugal may have to procure a D4 visa. Thankfully, Portugal’s visas are straightforward to attain compared to other visas in the European Union. They can further be a stepping stone to earning permanent residency and Portuguese citizenship.

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    What Is A D4 Student Visa?

    A D4 Student Visa is essentially a resident visa for non-EEA students such as US citizens interested in receiving their education at the high or secondary institutions of Portugal, such as Coimbra University, one of the oldest universities in the world.

    This visa allows Americans to stay in Portugal for over three months, and this period can count towards the citizenship application.

    In other words, the D4 visa Portugal issues can help them fulfil the citizenship requirements. Above that, it grants them a year after graduation to land a job.

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    When Is A Portuguese D4 Student Visa Required?

    Non-EU nationals such as US citizens who want to study in Portugal for over 90 days must procure a D4 Student Visa.

    The visa is necessary for any student who has chosen a long-term higher educational program, such as a postgraduate degree or a bachelor’s degree.

    The Portugal student visa is also suitable for those seeking a secondary education for over a year or looking to learn Portuguese at a language course. Last but not least, non-EU nationals like US citizens may want to do volunteer work or apply for an internship in Portugal, which renders a D4 student visa useful.

    When Is A Portuguese D4 Student Visa Not Required?

    There are various scenarios where foreign students can study in Portugal without a Portuguese short-term student D4 visa.

    For one, EU/EFTA nationals do not need it to spend over three months in Portugal. Instead, they will need a certificate of residence from their local city council.

    Additionally, non-EU nationals from different countries, including the US, Canada, and Australia, can study in Portugal without going through the visa application process if their study programs are short (under three months). In that case, a passport (valid for six months) is enough to legitimize their stay.

    To take it a step further, even US nationals do not have to obtain this student visa for a short program of under 90 days. What they need is a Schengen short-stay (type C) visa.

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      What Are The Requirements For A Student Visa Application?

      Certain qualifications and required documents are needed during the visa process. They should be certified with an apostille and translated into Portuguese. These are:

      • A non-EU/Schengen country citizenship
      • A valid passport or travel ID for at least six months past the expected end of the program with no less than two blank pages
      • Two current, identical, and up-to-date passport photographs in good condition
      • Confirmation of being enrolled in a higher or secondary vocational education institution in Portugal
      • A certificate of no criminal record
      • A form authorizing the Portuguese law enforcement authorities to run a criminal background check
      • Confirmed availability of a rental agreement in an apartment, hostel, or other accommodation for the residency duration
      • Bank statements for the last three to six months confirming the applicant’s financial ability to cover their living expenses during their stay in Portugal (about 400 € a month)
      • Medical insurance that allows the applicant full coverage for no less than a year
      • A motivation letter describing the goals of studying at a Portuguese educational institution

      How Can I Get A D4 Visa?

      After procuring their valid passport and necessary documents, a person can begin the visa application process by presenting them at the Portuguese embassy or a consulate in their city.

      Then, they may be asked to attend an interview or provide additional documents. Also, they should have the original copies of the required documents with them during the interview.

      Afterward, applicants need to wait for their application form and documents to be processed. Several Portuguese authorities need to consult about a national visa.

      Accordingly, the processing time can range from 30 days to three months from the visa application form submission or interview date. Also, the period ranges according to the country the applicant is applying for a student visa from.

      It is worth noting that the visa validity period is four months, so getting a residence permit for a year after traveling to Portugal is necessary.

      Then, US applicants can extend this permit if needed. In fact, they can renew their student permits for up to five years at the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF).

      How Much Does a D4 Visa Application Form Cost?

      When applying for a long-stay visa, the visa processing fees are about €99 (compared to €60 for a short-stay visa).

      However, US students must consider the associated costs with visa issuance. For example, they have a tuition fee, which can be €700 a semester in a bachelor’s program or €4.5K-10K for a two-year master’s program.

      There are also immigration consultant fees (about €1400) and even Portuguese language courses, which can start at €400 per semester.

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        How Does a D4 Visa Benefit Foreign Students?

        There are numerous benefits to obtaining the D4 short-term student visa Portugal offers:

        Studying/Volunteering/Completing an Internship in Portugal

        Perhaps the main benefit of the Portuguese Short-term Student D4 Visa issuance is studying in Portugal and obtaining a higher or secondary vocational educational degree in Portugal. US students can also go there to do volunteer work or complete an internship.

        After all, the country is a popular destination for education seekers, as it is home to some of the oldest educational institutions in the world. Additionally, many applicants choose Portugal for its affordable living expenses, excellent weather, and rich culture.

        Working in Portugal

        The SEF can authorize non-EU students living in Portugal on student visas and residence permits to work in Portugal. Other options include conducting academic research work, teaching, and engaging in highly qualified activities if they have the required qualifications.

        Otherwise, they may choose to focus solely on education. Even then, they will have a year to find an official job after graduation, thanks to their residence permit. In that sense, getting a suitable employment offer can help extend their residence.

        Of course, they will need to change their residence permit to one for employed workers, research workers, and highly qualified professionals. Another option is to start a business in Portugal, in which case they will need a residence permit for self-employed workers.

        Inviting Family to Stay

        With the student visa, a US student can ask their next of kin to join them during their stay. To elaborate, if they are a non-EU national, their valid student permit allows them to invite their spouse, minor, or dependent child to Portugal, whether biologically theirs, their spouse’s, or adopted.

        The student will need to provide evidence of the connection. Then, they can apply for their respective permits and visas.

        Helping With the Citizenship Requirements

        The D4 visa Portugal provides can be a stepping stone towards obtaining Portuguese citizenship. To explain, the time people living on a residence permit spend studying in Portugal counts towards their citizenship application.

        Since they need five years of residency, a student may finish their course and enrol in another or apply for a different visa after graduation to complete the period.

        D4 vs. D2 Visa

        Where D4 is a student visa, D2 is a visa for emerging entrepreneurs. D2 visa issuance urges entrepreneurs to start their enterprises in Portugal.

        An admission letter or admission certificate is required to apply for a student visa. To compare, an original or creative idea, a coherent business plan, and nominal capitalization are required for the other visa.

        How Can IAS Help?

        Ultimately, the Portugal D4 visa issuance allows non-EEA nationals such as US students to stay in the country for over 90 days to earn a higher or secondary educational degree, finish an internship, or volunteer. They can apply with the Portuguese embassy or a consulate in their home country of America and await the visa issuance in one to three months.

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