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D5 Visa (Long-term Student Visa) - Apply from the USA

A D5 category Visa is an official document issued to US college or university students wishing to prolong their stay in Portugal. This D5 Visa Portugal is also called “Residence Visa For the Mobility of Higher Education Students.” All students who come for exchange, double studies, or sandwich courses are eligible to apply for this visa.

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    What Is The Portugal D5 Category Visa?

    US citizens who wish to travel to Portugal to finish a programme of study that is longer than 90 days must apply for the D5 Visa. The D Schengen Visa category, which permits foreigners to stay in a Schengen country for more than 90 days and up to one year, includes the Long-term Student Visa for Portugal.

    Those who are granted a D5 Visa for Portugal are authorized to go there and enter the nation. After that, they must submit an application for a one-year Portugal student residence permit within three months of their arrival. They can extend their time in Portugal as long as their studies continue after that.

    International students with the D5 Visa may extend their residence permits up to five times throughout their stay in Portugal. Not all overseas students who wish to attend school in Portugal are required to obtain a visa. Citizens of EU countries are eligible to study in Portugal without a visa.

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      Portugal D5 Visa Eligibility Requirements

      In order to be eligible and proceed with the application process, potential applicants must first fulfill certain conditions. They are as follows:

      • A valid passport
      • Sufficient income to support you during your stay in Portugal
      • Proof of accommodation
      • Two photos of yourself (passport size)
      • Health insurance
      • A detailed plan for your stay
      • Letter of acceptance from university or place of study
      • A bank receipt that confirms paid processing fees
      • Proof of no criminal record

      Documentation demonstrating compliance with these conditions must be submitted as part of the application process by foreign nationals. Contact our lawyers if you are unsure of what paperwork to prepare. They can assist you in compiling a thorough portfolio of supporting materials.

      The Portugal D5 Visa Application Process: Steps Explained

      Here are the steps for the D5 Student Visa Portugal explained.

      Step 1. Apply for a Study Program

      Firstly, to be eligible for a Portuguese D5 Student Visa, you must first apply for a valid study program in that foreign country. Before going through your visa application, you should be accepted into your chosen course.

      Step 2. Make an Appointment at the Embassy/Consulate

      The second step is making an appointment at your local embassy or consulate for a visa interview. It is crucial to note that we are referring to two separate units.

      Step 3. Gather the Documents

      Before submitting your application, you must have your documents ready. The following documents include:

      • Passport
      • Portugal Visa Application Form
      • Passport-size pictures
      • Travel health insurance
      • Your health itinerary
      • Payment for Portugal Visa Fee
      • Means of subsistence
      • Letter of invitation
      • Employment status documentation
      • Proof of accommodation in Portugal
      • Cover letter

      Step 4. Submit Visa Payments

      Upon completing your application, the applicant must pay Visa processing fees. Some officers may ask the applicant to make this payment before the application process. Either way, applicants should double-check this with their authorities.

      Step 5. Attend the Interview

      The last step would be attending the interview. Check the date and time for when the interview is scheduled. If you miss the interview, it might be harder to reschedule before the semester starts.

      Processing Time & Costs

      A D5 category immigration Visa will be processed within 10-15 calendar days. An electronic visa, or E-VISA, will be processed even faster within five calendar days.

      The cost of fees depends on the type of visa you are applying for. Most Portugal Residency Visas cost around €90 ($87.88). Family Reunification Visas are free.

      The Most Common Reasons For Student Visa Denial

      A Student Visa can be denied for the following reasons:

      • An incomplete application form has been submitted.
      • There is no proof of financial support (no bank statements).
      • The applicant has a criminal record.
      • The passport you enclosed is not valid for a Student Visa.
      • The applicant has not been accepted or enrolled in an educational institution.

      COVID-19 Measures Implemented in Portugal: Individuals arriving in Portugal are no longer obliged to provide a negative COVID-19 test or a vaccination/recovery certificate issued by a third country, that is accepted in Portugal. However, current measures might be subject to change in accordance with the evolution of the pandemic.

      If you wish to do a COVID-19 test shortly after your arrival, you can do it at the Airport or in a laboratory Portuguese Health General Directorate approves.

      D5 Short Study Courses for US Students

      US citizens and foreign nationals who wish to travel to Portugal to finish a programme of study that is longer than 90 days must apply for the D5 Visa. US students should instead apply for the D4 Short-term Student Visa if they plan to study in Portugal for fewer than 90 days. This visa, which falls under the C Schengen Visa category, enables foreign visitors to take a brief course at a Portuguese academic institution.

      If their study programme in Portugal is less than 90 days, certain nationals of those nations are free from the visa requirement. Australia, Canada, and the US are a few examples of these nations.

      Similar to the D5 Visa, a letter of acceptance from a Portuguese educational institution is required for those US students who wish to enter Portugal on a D4 Student Visa in order to finish a short-term study course. Citizens of EU/EEA nations do not require a visa to study in Portugal, regardless of the length of the programme.

      Other Types of Portuguese Visas


      There are three main types of Portugal visas:

      • Short Term Visa (Schengen Visa)
      • Temporary Stay National Visa
      • Long Stay National Visa (Residence Permit)

      Short Term Visa (Schengen Visa)

      This short-term visa allows US applicants to remain in Portugal for 90 days. Activities permitted by this visa are tourism, airport transit, or temporary travel reasons. Visa holders are allowed to pass through the Schengen area.

      The cost of this visa is around €80 ($77.98), while applicants from Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, and Ukraine pay €35 ($34.12).


      Temporary Stay National Visa

      US citizens looking to stay in Portugal for longer than 90 days will have to apply for a Temporary Stay National Visa. It is important to mention that EU/EFTA nationals DO NOT need to apply for this visa.

      This temporary stay visa has many subcategories: work visa, study visa, professional training, and so on. These visas allow multiple entries. It is important to mention that a temporary residence permit holder must apply for a renewal 30 days before its expiration.

      The cost of this visa is €75 ($73.11).

      Long Stay National Visa

      Also known as the Residency Visa, this official document allows applicants to stay in Portugal for over one year. To apply for this long-stay visa, you must first apply for a residence permit at the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF).

      The cost for this long-term visa is €90 ($87.73).

      Other Portuguese Residency Visa Categories

      Other Portuguese D immigration Visa types include:

      • D1 Visa: This visa is aimed at US professionals that have already accepted a job offer in Portugal. It is valid for 12 months and unsuitable for non-EEA nationals still looking for jobs.
      • D2 Visa: This visa is aimed at emerging US entrepreneurs with the aim of starting a business in Portugal. One eligibility requirement is a solid, innovative, and original business plan.
      • D3 Visa: Also known as the “Highly Qualified Activity Visa,” this visa is aimed at highly qualified US professionals across a range of specified industries and positions currently in demand in Portugal
      • D4 Visa: This student visa category is aimed at US nationals with the aim of spending more than three months in Portugal for educational purposes. It is suitable for voluntary and professional internships.
      • D6 Visa: This visa is aimed at family reunification. This visa type allows US applicants to bring their spouse, child (under 18), or financially dependent parents (over 65) to Portugal.
      • D7 Visa: This visa is also called a “Retirement Visa,” or “Passive Income Visa,” this visa is aimed at different categories of applicants. One of the requirements for this special visa is that the US applicant ensures a sufficient income on a monthly/yearly basis. Applicants should provide 6-months of bank statements.
      • D8 Visa: Often referred to as the “Portuguese Golden Visa,” this document is aimed at US applicants who plan to invest a minimum of €280,000 ($272,944.00) in Portuguese real estate.

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        Rights & Duties of a Residence Permit Holder


        Those who are in possession of a residence permit are entitled to:

        • Family reunification
        • Education and study
        • Remunerated employment
        • Activities as self-employed professionals
        • Healthcare
        • Access to law and justice

        Duty to Communicate

        Residents have a duty to inform the SEF:

        • About any alteration to their civil status or their place of residence.
        • About the intention to be absent from Portugal during the validity period or exceeding 24 consecutive months.

        Holders of Long Term Residency Title must not be absent from an EU territory for a period of equal to or exceeding 12 months.

        Students participating in higher education institution programs and holders of a Residence Permit are eligible to have a remunerated or professional activity, provided that they inform the SEF about it.

        Duty of Regular Entry and Legal Permanence

        All individuals arriving in Portugal must be in possession of an appropriate visa and apply for a renewal in case they want to extend their stay. This applies to the holder of a residence permit as well.

        Duty to Respect Public Order, Security, and Health

        US citizens must not engage in activities that can lead to criminal convictions that exceed one year of imprisonment. Foreigners must not enter the territory during their ban.

        Failure to comply with the duties will result in administrative offenses.


        Holders of Residency Visas are allowed two entries over a period of 4 months. You must request a residency permit with Immigration and Border Services (SEF) during that time.

        How Can Our Immigration Service Help You?

        Going through a visa application process can be a daunting task.

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        Our highly skilled immigration lawyers work with you to thoroughly assess your situation and help you choose the most appropriate course of action that will help you achieve your desired result.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  The entire visa application can be a complicated process for someone who is applying for the first time. To make matters clear, we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions by applicants.

                  Foreigners can make a Schengen Visa Application at the Portuguese embassy or consular offices in their home country no more than 6 months and no later than 15 days before the trip.

                  The Immigration policy in Portugal includes an international agreement with non-EU countries. Foreign nationals from the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries can enter the country of Portugal for a period of 90 days.

                  In the event that your D5 Student Visa gets rejected, you can re-apply. However, before you submit your paper or online application again, make sure to identify the reasons for your initial denial and address them. Also, check whether you need to provide other documents.

                  Yes. You are allowed to bring a family member, but it can only be your spouse, minor, or partner with you. However, they will have to go through a separate visa application process.

                  With the introduction of E-Visas, submitting the necessary documentation and filling out the application form can now be done electronically.

                  ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) represents an electronic visa waiver system. It will become a compulsory requirement for short-term visa travelers outside the Schengen area.