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If you’re moving from the US to be with your partner in the UK, you need to complete a Spouse Visa application. The specific visa type that you need depends on your individual circumstances.

The UK Spouse Visa requirements include proving your British partner earns at least £18,600 per year. You will also need to show that your relationship is genuine and that you have adequate housing for your family in the UK. There are similar requirements if your partner is a British citizen or recognized as a ‘settled’ person in the UK but you are not married. In this case, you can either apply under the category of Fiancé, Civil Partner or Unmarried Partner.

If you enter on a Fiancé or Unmarried Partner Visa, you will most likely need to marry your British partner within the first six months of your visa. However, if you are already married to your partner, your Spouse Visa is valid between 33-30 months dependent upon your situation. After this period, you can apply for a Spouse Visa extension for an additional 30 months. Once you have spent a consecutive five-year period in the UK, you will then be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).

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What are the UK Spouse Visa requirements?

The UK Spouse Visa requirements are as follows:

  • You and your partner must be over the age of 18;
  • You are permitted to work on a Spouse Visa if you choose to, but only once you are in the UK;
  • One of you must be a British citizen or a person with ‘settled status’ in the UK;
  • You must have already met each other and have evidence of your relationship over a significant period of time;
  • You must be legally married in the eyes of the UK government;
  • You must have enough money to support yourselves and any dependents (i.e. children) without claiming public funds;
  • The British sponsoring party must earn more than £18,600 per year (roughly $24,800). You can also use savings or other income sources according to the Spouse Visa financial requirements;
  • There must be a suitable home for you in the UK, including space for your partner and dependent children as you will be living together.

How long will my Spouse Visa application take?

The time it takes to complete and be approved for a Spouse Visa depends upon your circumstances:

  • If you’re applying from inside the US, it could take up to 12 weeks if additional checks are required. However, upgrading your service to Premium puts your application to the front of the line as a priority case.
  • If you’re applying from inside the UK, your Spouse Visa application could take as little as two weeks using the Premium Service Center.

You may not be eligible to apply for a Spouse Visa if you’re already in the UK, however, as this depends upon what kind of visa you already have.

Find out more about the Spouse Visa processing times.

How long is the Fiance Visa valid for?

Unlike a Spouse Visa, a Fiancé Visa is only valid for six months and you are not allowed to work in the UK. In this time, you will be expected to get married to your British partner in the UK. You must then transfer onto a Spouse Visa.

If you only intend to marry in the UK, you may need to enter on a Marriage Visitor Visa instead.

When can I switch from a Spouse Visa to ILR?

You will be able to spend five years in the UK on the Spouse Visa, extending it once after the first 30 months. You should then be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain.

This will grant you permission to live permanently in the UK and will give you free access to public funds and healthcare by the NHS.

Read more about ILR from a Spouse Visa.ILR from a Spouse Visa

What services does IAS offer?

The UK Spouse Visa requirements can be strict and unsympathetic. Many couples are rejected by the Home Office due to the evidence they submit with their application.

At IAS, we can ensure that you are applying for the right visa for you. We will also provide you with an experienced immigration lawyer to assist you during your application.

Our services include:

  • Checking your documents and evidence by knowing exactly what the Home Office and the UK government are looking for;
  • Ensuring you have enough proof demonstrating your relationship is genuine;
  • Providing you with a Letter of Representation, detailing your case to accompany your application;
  • Cooperating and communicating with the UK government on your behalf;
  • Filling out each part of your application to the highest standard.

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