Terence: Tier 1 Visa

Terence, an Australian investor, found several investment opportunities in the UK. He was unclear about his immigration options and contacted IAS. Working closely with our specialist lawyer, he was able to begin investing and conducting business in the UK.

1: The situation

Terence is an Australian National. For years he had been conducting short-term business meetings and prospecting different markets in the UK.

During one of his trips, he had noticed a particularly lucrative market and decided he wanted to be in the UK to take advantage of it.

He had never before required a visa to the UK before and did not know where to begin.

Before he returned to Australia, he called early in the morning and spoke with our Enquiry Team.

2: How IAS helped

Our Enquiry Team outlined his eligibility for a Tier 1 Visa – either as an Investor or Entrepreneur. Terence was worried as he had not heard of these and did know what they involved.

Our Enquiry Team secured Terence a space with a suitable lawyer later that day so that he could discuss his options in further details.

Once he had arrived, he was greeted by our lawyer and they both sat down to talk. Our lawyer had received his query already from our Enquiry Team, so there was no delay in discussing his matter.

After many questions and different plans of action, it was settled that Terence should apply for an Investor Visa.

He was given a written set of instructions, a list of documents he required that reflected his circumstances and our lawyers details if he had any further questions.

3: The outcome

With this information Terence, with the continued help of our lawyer, managed to complete the majority of his application over the coming few days – in fact, we had scheduled his submission date and time in Australia before he had returned so that he could minimise his time outside of the UK.

Within a few weeks, his application was accepted and his visa was granted. The next day Terence returned to the UK to begin his investments.

He also intends to use IAS to extend his Investor Visa in the future.

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