Fiance Visa Reapplication

Aleksander is a South African National who was in long-term and long-distance relationship with his Fiancee in the UK.

He applied for a Fiancee Visa but was refused and the days until his wedding were getting closer.

Aleksander was out of options and decided to contact IAS to arrange a Skype session with one of our lawyers. The lawyer looked at Alek’s refusal letter and application and identified the reason for his previous visa’s refusal.

Aleksander was happy about his decision to contact IAS, as the lawyer helped him quickly assess his best options and next steps.

Within two months, Alek was in the country ready to attend his wedding.

1: The situation

Aleksander was a South African National in a long-term, long-distance relationship with his Fiancee in the UK.

He had previously applied for a Fiance Visa, but this was refused on financial grounds.

Unfortunately, this decision had taken two months to be reached and he and his partner had made many wedding arrangments they could not afford to change. His time before the wedding was running short and he did not know where to turn.

As a result, he decided to arrange a Skype session with IAS for urgent advice.

2: How IAS helped

After arranging a suitable time and date with Aleksander, our lawyer spoke with both him and his partner.

We examined their financial details by using scans they had emailed to us, along with a copy of their Refusal Letter.

It was clear that they met the requirements, but unfortunately, they had submitted the incorrect form of bank statement. This was why their application was refused.

Our keen eye for detail meant that we could either appeal the Home Office’s decision or make a fresh application.

To save time, we informed them that it would be much quicker to submit a fresh application. From our experience, we advised them not to use the Priority Service as Aleksander’s previous application had been refused. These types of applications usually take longer, and the Priority Service would not be of much use in this case.

This would also save them from additional expense and disappointment.

3: The outcome

Although he was very anxious, Aleksander received his decision after six weeks from the Home Office. His application had been accepted.

This meant that he could enter the UK, resume organising his Wedding Day without any cancellations and was assured that his stay was lawful.

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