1: The situation

Isabella emailed us with her immigration issue. She was a Greek National and was currently working in the UK.

She intended to return to Greece for the summer months, visit her family, and return to the UK to Study.

She was uncertain if changing from being a worker to a student would affect her status, especially as she eventually intended to secure British Citizenship. She was also worried that the time she spent back home would have a negative impact on any future applications she made.

2: How IAS helped

After corresponding with Isabella by email, we arranged a telephone advice session on a Saturday to accommodate her busy schedule.

We explained to her that, as she was an EEA National, she was eligible for the Free Movement provision in the 2006 EEA Regulation.

This meant that she had the freedom to travel to and from the UK without issue, and also study when she was in the UK.

We advised her that her status would change, and discussed what she would have to do to demonstrate this. For example, as a student she would need to have comprehensive health insurance but as a worker this was not necessary.

Isabella was also informed that the time she intended to spend outside the UK would not impact any future applications she made – we had determined this after examining her flight confirmations.

3: The outcome

Isabella managed to study in the UK, and as her time in the UK was considered unbroken and her change of status was clear, she successfully secured British Citizenship before she had graduated.

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