1: The situation

Gabrielle is a Canadian National. She had successfully set up and run a business in Canada for several years and was looking to expand internationally.

She felt it would be beneficial to relocate to London as there was no market for her business in Europe and thought that she stood a high chance of success there.

Unsure of the steps she would have to take, she emailed our Enquiry Team to arrange an appointment as soon as possible.

2: How IAS helped

After a brief email exchange, we arranged for a suitable lawyer to have a Skype session with her at a convenient time.

During her session, she asked many questions and outlined how she intended to invest money in the UK. It was her intention to use her current business model in Canada, but she did not know of the tax implications of creating a franchise and what she would have to do to hire staff from the UK.

Our lawyer wrote out her instructions and used this information to create a plan of action.

Our lawyer created a plan that was beneficial to Gabrielle, specifically aimed at minimising the risks she would have to take.

This plan not only ensured that her application was successful, but that it would be in the perfect position to thrive in the UK.

3: The outcome

Gabrielle’s application was successful. Before she had even entered the UK, she was able to interview and hire staff. The freedom we had given her by taking ownership of her application also meant she had the time to find a suitable property for her new company.

She entered as an Entrepreneur on a Tier 1 Visa, and within two years she has generated a significant amount of revenue and will shortly be applying for her Tier 1 Extension.

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