Romy: British Citizenship

Romy was a French National who had been living in the UK for 14 years.

Due to Brexit, she wanted to secure her life in the UK by acquiring British Citizenship. Romy had some worries as she knew that she needed to live in the UK for a certain number of years and fulfil requirements but she did not know if she met these requirements.

She contacted IAS and set up a meeting with one of our lawyers. They had a long discussion about her circumstances and she came out of the session armed with all the knowledge she needed. The lawyer instructed her on what she should do and shortly after she obtained an EEA Permanent Residency Card.

1: The situation

Romy was a French National. She had been living in the UK for 14 years and was married to a UK Citizen with whom she had an 8-year-old child.

In the wake of the EU Referendum (Brexit), she became interested in applying for British Citizenship to secure her position in the UK once Britain had left the EU.

She was not willing to take any risks that may affect her status in the UK so that she could remain with her family.

She was concerned as she had left her job and had returned to study the previous year.

She had heard somewhere that time spent as a student does not count towards residency if you do not have a comprehensive insurance policy. She had an insurance policy, but was worried that is wasn’t sufficient.

Romy called into our office to speak with a lawyer to examine her time spent in the UK and her next steps to securing British Citizenship.

2: How IAS helped

We spoke with Romy and talked through her time spent in the UK.

We determined that she had arrived as a job-seeker, quickly obtained work and that she is currently studying.

We informed her that the EEA Regulations state that an EEA National must apply for a Permanent Residence Card before they can become a British Citizen.

The Permanent Residency Card can be obtained after five years’ continuous residence in the UK, without any breaks in your status. Once she had this, she would be able to apply for Citizenship.

We checked her insurance policy and confirmed that it was sufficient.

3: The outcome

Romy obtained her Permanent Residency Card without issue – this has given her great peace of mind in the face of Britain’s uncertain future in the EU.

She fully intends to obtain British Citizenship and become a dual-national in the future.

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