The amount of arrests in the U.S of suspected illegal immigrants increase by almost 40% within the first 100 days of President Trump’s power. This comes following official orders that widened the net of who may be picked out for immigration violations according to new government data.

Thomas Homan – the acting director of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), said that arrests from ICE have risen to 41,318 between January 22, 2017, and the end of April. This is an increase from 30,028 arrests in roughly the exact period last year.

Of the 41,000 plus arrests, almost two-thirds of them (30,500) had previous criminal convictions. There was also a big increase in the amount of immigrants who didn’t have convictions of further crimes arrested – 10,800 since the start 2017 compared to 4,200 non-criminal arrests in the same period last year. This jump is down to the new Trump policy implemented by Homeland Security on immigration and border security, which came into effect days after the president took office.

ICE director, Homan stated when speaking about the increase of the rise in non-criminal arrests, “Those that enter the country illegally, they do violate the law, that is a criminal act”. Homan did go on to say the emphasis was very much focused on the criminals and that the agency will continue to seek those who have been given their final order of removal by an immigration judge regardless of their criminal status. “”When a federal judge makes a decision and issues an order that order needs to mean something… If we don’t take action on those orders, then we are just spinning our wheels.”

During Obama’s time in office, he also drew criticism for his deportation of immigrants, most of them were recent border crossers detained after entering America illegally. In fact, in comparison with the same period, the number of deportations since Trump has taken over have dropped by 12%. Homan went on to say that this was down to more internal arrests having complicated cases which could be slowed down in the backlog of the immigration court system.

In addition to these new figures, the number of people detained for crossing the Mexican border is down dramatically since the start of the year according to U.S Customs and Border Protection data.

Immigration supporters, as well as the cities with large immigrant presences, have raised concerns about the heightening arrests and targeting from the internal immigration enforcement.

Key Stats

  • 41,300 immigrants were arrested on suspicion of being in the country illegally between January 22nd and April 29th – an increase from 30,000 during the same period last year.
  • 30,500 of those arrested had criminal convictions, compared to 25,800 for the earlier period.
  • 10,800 did not have criminal convictions, compared to 4,200 in the previous period.