If you are hoping to join your family in the UK, there are a number of UK Family Visa routes available for you to choose from.

The Dependent Relative Visa allows you to come to the UK as a dependent child or adult. Your sponsor must be a British citizen or person with settled status, refugee leave or humanitarian protection. Settled status, also known as Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) is granted so that a person is no longer subject to the time frames of UK visa restrictions. The parent or child of a migrant worker may also be eligible to apply for a visa to join them.

How can IAS help your family?

We at IAS understand that family is important. Our highly-skilled immigration lawyers have a proven track record in UK Family Visa applications. If you are unsure of which visa you qualify for, we will assess all possible routes and find one right for you.

We will confirm that your UK family member is eligible to sponsor you, check all of your documents and complete your application forms for you. Your lawyer will also write you a Letter of Representation to be submitted with your application. This details your application, your documents, and relevant case law to support you. This service will improve the possibility of receiving a UK Family Visa. Contact us on +1844 290 6312 or make an inquiry online to discuss your circumstances with an expert.


Who can apply for a Family Visa?

As the partner or child of a person in or coming to the UK for work, you will be able to apply to join them as a dependent under most visa types.

As a partner, you will need to prove that:

  • You intend to live with your UK sponsor
  • Your relationship is genuine

For children:

  • You have not formed an independent family unit
  • You are not leading an independent life

Your UK sponsor will also need to prove they can support you without access to public funds.

Can I appeal a UK Family Visa refusal?

As the law currently stands, you will be able to appeal a decision made to refuse your UK Family Visa.

In the event of a refusal, there may be other options to gain entry clearance. Contacting an immigration lawyer is important to get up-to-date, expert advice.

Am I eligible for a Child Dependent Visa?

The dependent child of a British Citizen or person with ILR can apply to enter the country and remain with a Child Dependent Visa. To be eligible, the Entry Clearance Office must be certain that the child is:

  • Under 18 years old;
  • Not leading an independent life;
  • Not married or in a civil partnership; and
  • Has not formed an independent family unit.

There are several additional requirements, with more for adopted children.

If the parent of the dependent child has applied to enter as a partner or parent, there is also a financial requirement. The applying parent will also have to prove they can accommodate the child and support them without public funds. In some cases, the child may have to apply as a points-based system (PBS) dependent.

More information on the Dependent Child Visa.

Am I eligible for an Adult Dependent Visa?

You can only apply for permission to come to the UK in exceptional circumstances, the relatives that can apply include:

  • parents;
  • grandparents;
  • children over 18;

This includes those who need long-term personal care that only your UK sponsor can provide. Your sponsor must also be a British Citizen or person with settled status.

The application must be made from outside the UK and your visa must have been granted before you travel.

More information on the Adult Dependent Visa.

Can I come to the UK as the parent of a child in the UK?

As the parent of a child with British Citizenship or settled status, you can apply for permission to join them or stay here. You will need to show:

  • You have sole responsibility or access rights to the child
  • You can support yourself and your family without public funds
  • You meet the suitability and English Language requirements

If you meet these requirements, you will be able to apply for a UK Family Visa for temporary leave to remain in the UK for 30 months. You will be eligible to extend this for a further 30 months if you continue to meet the requirements and, after five years, you can apply for ILR.

If you are applying from outside the UK, you must be granted your visa before traveling.

If you are already in the UK, you will eligible as long as:

  • you are not on a Visitor Visa;
  • you are not on temporary admission;
  • permission to stay was not given for less than six months (unless on a fiancé(e) or proposed civil partner visa); and
  • you are not in breach of the Immigration Rules (overstaying for less than 28 days will not be taken into account).

I am here under the Points-Based System (PBS) – can my family join me?

Generally, your family members will be able to join you if you are in the UK on a visa under the points-based system. For more information, you may want to read more on Spouse/Partner Visas and Child Dependent Visas.

You can also speak to one of our immigration experts online or by calling +1844 290 6312.

What services does IAS offer?

Our team of experienced lawyers can help you with all UK Family Visa applications.

We will:

  • Assess your eligibility;
  • Ensure your UK relative is able to sponsor you;
  • Help you make sure you have acceptable proof of your relationship to you relative for your application;
  • Perform a full document check;
  • Liaise with you in person, over the phone or via Skype at a time which is suitable for you;
  • Produce a Letter of Representation to accompany your application forms. This letter provides details of your case as well as references to your evidence portfolio and relevant case law;
  • Maintain communication with the Entry Clearance Office throughout the process;
  • Complete all of your application forms expertly.

Contact us on +1844 290 6312 or use our online contact form to receive high-quality advice about your UK Family Visa application from one of our immigration attorneys.

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