White House Officials Asked Democrats to Approve $25billion for Trump’s Border Wall

Recent talks over immigration offers between the White House and the Democrats have reached to no avail. This means no deal had been agreed upon to protect Dreamers.

Since the spending bill is due before midnight on Friday 23rd March, the White House have urged Democrats to approve $25 billion funding for Trump’s border wall. However, agreements have not been reached for the Democrats, there is still a lack of protection for young immigrants from deportation.

This was stemmed from Trump wanting to gain control of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program by prolonging the program in exchange for the 2020 reelection campaign. This means 1.8 million young immigrants can be affected from gaining citizenship in light of Trump’s earlier proposal this year in protecting the same number which the Democrats hope to uphold.

A White House official reasoned that they have “sent the minority leaders’ offices a proposal that is pretty fair.”

In turn, this can impact the Democrats as they may potentially succeed in winning the House later this year. Hence, in the Republicans’ view, the Democrats are being uncooperative and inflexible to Trump’s demands.

Still, in the Democrats’ point of view, they believe their “counteroffer lined up perfectly with what the president had proposed, but of course, he said no to his own deal. Again.”

However, Democrats’ actions have not produced a positive response from immigrant rights advocates, as they have announced that they will ease off demands that protection for Dreamers will be integrated with 2018 budget negotiations. So, there is a need for a spending program that will include the Dream Act to safeguard thousands of young immigrants who entered the US illegally when they were children.

Alternatively, the Democrats believe that both parties can only benefit from the omnibus spending bill passing by dropping controversial “riders” to get the bill filed.

Democratic whip, Rep. Steny Hoyer reinforced that the Democrats most advantageous option is to use polls based on public opinion to convince the Republicans to change their stance on DACA. Through this method, the Republicans will have no reason to retain votes in the upcoming omnibus spending bill.

Still, another chance to prevent possible government shutdown includes pressure on the Republican leaders within their conference. David Cicilline, a co-chairman of the Democrats’ press office, believes “the only likely scenario is that the Republican members of Congress who claim that they support the Dream Act put pressure on the Speaker to say we need to take some action on this”. Moreover, this opens an opportunity for the Democrats to gain further privileges from the omnibus to exploit the Republicans to act on DACA.

Federal court and Supreme court rulings have caused conflicting results in regards to Trump continuing the DACA program. This is due to past attempts being made to dismantle the program last year. Hence, this is not a pressing matter for the Republicans.

However, this process has not been simple as gun reforms has been temporarily been called for due to the mass shooting in Florida. Hence, political attention has been shifted elsewhere, and DACA has not always been the focus.

At current, the Democrats has nearly to no incentive to award Trump’s demands to funding for his Border Wall, as protection for the Dreamers continues to remain insecure. With the DACA issue unlikely to be settled this week and causing a possible shutdown, all both parties can do is continue to negotiate before the deadline. Whereas, the Dreamers look on to the possible continued inaction, as Trumps aims to abolish DACA protections within the courts.

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