White House Defends ICE After Calls By Democrats To Remove The Agency

Vice President Mike Pence has come out to defend the Immigration and Customs Enforcement after there were calls by more Democrats to abolish the agency.


Pence stated the White House is “100%” behind ICE and that calls to abolish it was “irresponsible”.


There were many members from the Democratic party including Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio who were asking for ICE to be removed.


Pence, however, argues that it would be wrong to do so as the agency helps “protect the American people and our communities every single day”.


The midterm elections are due soon and Immigration is expected to be a hot topic when it arrives. Many voters have raised concerns over the issue after President Donald Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ immigration policy came under major scrutiny when immigrant children were split from their parents at the UK-Mexico border.


Although not directly involved with separating the immigrant children from their parents, they have been responsible for other acts such as deporting, arresting and detaining the immigrants within the US.


Critics feel as though the actions that the immigration enforcement take has been extremely aggressive and have been distinguished as a “deportation force” by the Democrats.


As well as Blasio, Warren and Gillibrand many other Democratic members have asked for ICE to be removed. Cynthia Nixon who’s a candidate for governance in New York has put getting rid of the agency at the centre of her campaign when she comes up against Governor Andrew Cuomo.


In a statement she addressed ICE, calling them a “terrorist organisation” that “causes many New Yorkers to live in fear that they will lose their family”.


On the other hand, Pence, Trump and the rest of the Trump administration have adopted a pro ICE stance. They claim that they wouldn’t remove ICE as it would cause a rise in illegal immigration, resulting in higher crime rates.


The argument from critics is that the agency is an extreme entity and that the procedures they take are far too strict. But it is a fairly young agency, so having the agency removed wouldn’t have much of a difference.


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