Washington Trump Immigration Policy Protest Sees Almost 600 Arrested

Almost 600 protestors who sat on the floor of the Senate office building to stage a non-violent demonstration against Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy towards immigration and separating families from their children at the US-Mexico border were arrested.


Several demonstrations took place across the country and larger ones are to be expected this Saturday which have been organised by the Women’s March and the Centre of Popular Democracy Action.


The protest, based in Washington, was hosted on Thursday and was one of the largest yet.  Several women sat on the floor of the Senate Hart office pumping their fists and many chose to cover themselves in foil sheets to make a statement about the poor bedding that the children receive when they were held at US border detention facilities.


Melania Trump visited an immigration detention centre last week in Texas wearing a jacket that said: “I really don’t care, do u?”. Protestors reacted by chanting “we care” and “abolish Ice”.


One of the protestors who was arrested stated in a video on her personal social media account that she had joined the protest as she disagreed with the Donald Trump ‘zero tolerance’ policy, the caging of the children and imprisonment of asylum seekers.


The Capitol police confirmed that around 575 people were charged with demonstrating inside the Senate office building but advised that once they were processed in the system they would be released.


An executive order was signed by Trump last week to stop children being separated from their families at the border. However, there are still images being published of distraught immigrant children that have been separated.


Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon agreed with the actions of the protestors as he feels that they are showing what the country is about and what they fight for. In an interview, he mentioned that they “are out here fighting for the core principles of our nation”.


He was one of the first people to draw attention to the detention camps where the separated children were being held.


Protests continue throughout the country regarding the ‘zero tolerance’ policy. Many gathered outside a federal courthouse in Brownsville, Texas in rally whilst in Michigan, a government meeting was shut down after a contract was agreed by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to keep immigrants in a local jail.

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