US Government Accused of Separating Hundreds of Migrant Families

According to a class-action lawsuit filed against the trump administration, there have been over 400 cases of immigrant parents being split up from their children over the past two years.

The allegation has violated due process for hundreds of asylum-seeking families by separating parent and children without showing any evidence that the child would be in danger by staying with the parent. The administration officials said last year that they were considering the implementation of a family separation policy to deter asylum seekers, however, no official policy has been announced.

In the cases in question, they included parents and child being separated whilst being placed into immigration proceedings.  Other families were separated after the parents were prosecuted for immigration violations whilst seeking asylum, the suit also claims that there is no process for the parents to challenge the separation.

Currently, the Department of Homeland Security hasn’t commented on the pending litigation, which is interesting considering they deal with immigration detention. Naturally, attorney and rights groups do acknowledge that in some cases, separation is in the best interest of the children whether it’s because the parent poses a threat or there is evidence that there is no relation between the two parties. tIn any case, he government haven’t demonstrated any indication that this is the case in these 400+ separations.

The case was filed in late February and other files have been added since. In one case a Congolese citizen has been separated from her daughter for four months. Recently, the mother was released from a San Diego detention facility but is yet to be reunited with her daughter who is being held in Chicago.

On the 2nd of March, a letter was sent to the Department of Homeland Security in a bid to find out how many children have been separated from their families since Trump took office. As well as the number of children, there is also an inquisition into the length of time people are being held for and what the plans are moving forward to make changes.

Democratic Illinois senator recently said: “While we may have different views on many immigration policies, we hope you will agree that it is cruel and inhumane to separate a parent from her child and immediately bring a stop to this practice.”

Hopefully, in the near future, we will see a dramatic change now that the whole process is being questioned and there are clear signs that regulations need to be put into place.


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