Trump Administration Update: Immigrant Families Asked To Leave The US With Or Without Their Children

Immigrant parents who have been separated from their children have been asked by US immigration officials whether they would leave the country with or without their children.


The Trump administration has instructed the US immigration officials to do so under the ‘zero tolerance’ immigration policy after a judge ordered for parents be reunited with their children after they were torn away from each other at the US-Mexico border.


NBC News reported that the questions have been provided in a form and which it provides the parents with 2 options as part of the process for their removal from the United States: “I am requesting to reunite with my child(ren) for the purpose of repatriation to my country of citizenship” or “I am affirmatively, knowingly and voluntarily requesting to return to my country of citizenship without my minor child(ren) who I understand will remain in the United States to pursue available claims of relief”.


Immigration enforcement agents have been advised to read the contents to the parents in a language they understand.


Reports have already been released regarding parents being deported against their will and without the children and a lawsuit has been put in place by the American Civil Liberties Union to stop the Trump administration and have parents reunited with their children as soon as possible.


They’re currently looking to gain a list of all the parents that have been separated from their parents.


A judge ruled on June 26 that parents should stop being deported unless they “affirmatively, knowingly and voluntarily” ask to do so. However, there’s uncertainty over how many had been deported already before the ruling took place.


Orders were given that any children under 5 should be reunited with their parent within 14 days and the rest of the children be reunited within 30 days. Government officials are acknowledging that they’re unable to meet these deadlines though.


According to a health and human services secretary, many children that were detained by the US government have been reunited with their parents but there are still many that are still to do so.


Further updates about this have been requested by the Democratic senators in the form of a letter where they ask for a list of names of separated children and parents in order to understand the progress with reuniting them.

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