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Theresa May Stands Firm On Brexit Plans To Curb Immigration

Following the summer recess, Theresa May’s newly-formed cabinet gathered at her country residence to push ahead with plans to create a roadmap for Brexit. Despite pressure from European leaders to begin the exit process as swiftly as possible, May has … Continue reading

James Brokenshire says UK’s New Immigration System Might Not Be Points-Based

Before the EU referendum decision was made, the Vote Leave Campaigners were pushing for an Australian-style points-based system, which we previously discussed on this blog. After several weeks of continuous political changes, it has never been revealed that the UK’s … Continue reading

New ONS Data Highlights UK Has Experienced Short-Term Migration Spike

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) have released an analysis that highlights a large gap between the number of EU migrants registering for National Insurance (NI) numbers and official immigration figures. The research suggests that large amounts of people have … Continue reading

New Data Shows the Majority of EU Citizens Wouldn’t Meet Visa Rules in UK

A new study has been released that shows that three-quarters of EU citizens working in the UK would not meet current visa requirements for non-EU overseas workers following a Brexit. The report, which was conducted by Oxford University’s Migration Observatory … Continue reading

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