Overloaded Courts Are A Big Fault In Trump’s Immigration Campaign

Due to the implementation of strict laws with immigration since Trump took office, there’s been a 25% increase in pending court cases with a cry for more judges to be hired.


Courts are becoming continuously overcrowded as there’s a continued rise in illegal immigrants trying to enter the system and less being able to exit. The main reason due to Trump ordering more arrests and deportation of illegal immigrants.


It’s rumored that there’s a backlog of over 700,000 cases with only 334 judges specializing in immigration law being able to deal with the cases. This means on average 1 judge is dealing with about 2,000 cases with each one taking up to 2 years to deal with in the courtroom.


This is causing major unrest for all parties involved in the debate as it means hearings in the courtroom are scheduled way into the future and case actions are being delayed in regards to deporting and providing permission for immigrants.


There’s argument that years of neglect with the issue of immigration from Obama’s administration is the reason for the delayed time. But there are more cases being completed according to Devin O’Malley, a spokesperson for the Justice Department.\


From the point of view of strict immigration enforcement supporters, they believe that the delay in dealing with the cases means that those who have been ordered to be deported can stay in the US for longer. Therefore they’re encouraging others to stay illegally.


There’s also cries from lawyers who are in defense of immigrants to speed up the process. The possibility of immigrants winning cases are uncertain because over time clients can change circumstances and evidence becomes outdated.


A Honduras woman is trying to seek asylum to the US because if she’s deported back to her country, she could be persecuted. The reason for seeking asylum is because her family was murdered back home after attackers force them from her land.


Her court case was originally due in 2014 but due to the backlog, it has now been backdated to December 2019 in South Texas.


There are now plans being put in place to hire more immigration judges with the aim to shorten the time it takes to hire judges. They’re also looking to change to an electronic system from the traditional paper files.

Overall, the department is looking to speed up the processes of handling cases by telling judges that the main focus is to grant fewer postponements. The national interest is to provide efficiency in the US courtrooms so cases can be dealt with quicker.

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