Sponsorship Licences & Visa Sponsorship

If you’re a company registered in the UK and you’re looking to employ someone from outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), then you’ve come to the right place. It is likely that you’ll need to sponsor your prospective employees in order for them to legally enter the UK to work, even if the work they’re set to carry out is unpaid (for example, charity and volunteer work), this is usually done by means of visa sponsorship. At IAS, we have a wealth of experience in assisting applications for a sponsorship licence and are perfectly positioned to help you through the process of becoming a sponsor.

There are a number of things you will need to consider when looking to sponsor employees to come into the UK, as there are certain responsibilities you, as an employer, take on such as:

  • Obtaining a sponsor licence before employing any skilled workers on Tier 2 and Tier 5 Visas
  • Issuing a Certificate of Sponsorship to every prospective or existing Tier 2 migrant worker to enable them to apply for a new visa, or extend their current stay in the UK
  • Using the sponsorship management system to keep relevant records and reports in relation to your workers, including their compliance with their immigration conditions, and reporting any breaches that may arise

When your sponsorship licence has been approved, your business will be added to the UK Border Agency’s register of sponsors (also commonly referred to as the Tier 2 sponsor list), which will enable you to issue a certificate of sponsorship to your existing and prospective employees, which comes in the form of a unique reference number that is then used in the process of their visa application.

With an estimated one in six visa applications now being refused by the UK Border Agency, the difference between a successful and unsuccessful application for a sponsorship licence could lie with us. With a high success rate of assisted applications, our immigration lawyers can draw upon years of experience to help make your application a successful one. Get in touch with one of our experts today for further information.

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